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  • The Cast Showoff: Jessica is frequently shown singing, first as a draw at Louis' steakhouse, then later sings a song to win back her friend.
  • Creator Backlash / Disowned Adaptation:
    • While Eddie Huang has since walked back on his comments, he initally wrote a quite vicious article about how his memoir about the racism he experienced in the course of creating his own restaurant was sanitized down to family sitcom material.
      • Huang was also offended at "The Shunning" for depicting his interest in hip-hop culture as sexist rather than an emotional outlet. The writers and producers of the episode said the audience would be unable to get the conclusion that hip-hop helped him emotionally.
      • Towards the end of the first season, Huang started vocally criticizing the show once again, explicitly saying that he no longer cares about the show's success because it doesn't represent his childhood anymore.
      • His grievances ultimately led to him quitting his job as narrator of the show.
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    • Constance Wu also appears to resent the show to the point that she had a quite vitriolic reaction on social media once it was renewed in 2019note .
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  • Comically Missing the Point: A reporter at a panel promoting the premiere of the show infamously asked as the very first question: "“I love the Asian culture. And I was just talking about the chopsticks, and I just love all that. Will I get to see that, or will it be more Americanized?”
  • Dawson Casting:
    • The producers deliberately cast grown men as 11 year-old basketball players to represent that one unusually tall kid every basketball team seems to have.
  • Fake Nationality: Randall Park is Korean-American, but he does pull off speaking the few Chinese words he's given fairly well. The actors who played Connie and Steve are also Korean-American. The writers were well aware of this trope in Park's case, and Park himself had reservations about it since he expected it to draw some criticism, but despite that, they specifically sought him out for the role.
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  • Playing Gertrude Constance Wu is a good decade younger than Jessica is supposed to be.
  • Real-Life Relative: Ian Chen's brother Max Chen plays Evan at 4 years old in "Very Superstitious" and "The Masters"
  • Shoot the Money: The production actually went to Taiwan to shoot the Season 3 premiere and they did everything they could to fit in as many setting-appropriate Taipei landmarks as they could into the episode to show off where they were.

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