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  • This is the first attempt in 20 years to make a primetime network show that focuses on a primarily Asian cast. The awkward title (considered a derogatory term) and the dark source material didn't encourage enthusiasm and the first season had some well-publicized growing pains. But the show proved to be a solid performer, earned itself a second season (and an extremely quick full second season pickup), and encouraged ABC to start development on Dr. Ken, a second show that features a primarily Asian cast.


  • Eddie stands up for himself after being called a "chink" in the cafeteria, and beats up the offending bully, who has about a foot on him.While the beating is off camera, Eddie apparently shoved pudding up the bully's nose. Instead of getting suspended from school, Eddie managed to gain some respect from his classmates.
    • Eddie's parents threatens to sue the entire school for letting a bully call their son a racist slur.

Home Sweet Home-School

  • Eddie's mother tracks down two of the aforementioned dine-and-dashers with her car and beans the third one with an onion. Not only did she stopped them, she also made the trio apologized for their actions to Louis.
    • This exchange summarizes it perfectly:
    Teenager: You hit us with your car!
    Jessica: You hit my car with your bodies.

The Shunning

  • Jessica deciding that it's not worth losing her genuine friendship with Honey over saving face with the neighborhood wives, by singing a solo karaoke performance in dedication to her friend.

Success Perm

  • Turns out that Steve isn't as successful as he was portrayed due to multiple debts. Louis for once gains respect from his brother-in-law after enduring years of working for him back in D.C.

Shaq Fu

  • Louis relents on making Eddie work as the fajita server by giving him enough to buy that game he wanted - and Eddie buys the game, changes his mind and goes right back to the job the next day.
    Louis: That's no fajita boy. That's a fajita man.
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  • Near the end of the episode, Jessica celebrates on landing a job as a real estate by finally letting the family turn on the AC (on low).

Phillip Goldstein

  • Wyatt the new cowboy host shows off his lasso skills that impresses the customers. It's to the point where Louis felt that the restaurant is running too "perfect" ever since hiring Wyatt.
  • Eddie bonded with Walter the black kid thanks to their common interest in Beastie Boys. As narrated by Adult Eddie:
    Adult Eddie: (narrating) An Asian kid bonding with a black kid over Jewish white rappers. America is crazy.

License to Sell

  • Running Gag: Every time Jessica is determined to pass her realtor's license exam, she ends up eating ice cream cake in a solitary position.
    • Adding up to when people ask her to see her realtor's license, her first excuse is "Let me grab it from my car" and drives away.
  • Jessica finally studying and earning her license with Louis's encouragement. To cap it off, Evan and Emery monitor her studying the way she was monitoring theirs, and in the next episode her formal realtor rival hires her.

Blind Spot

  • Eddie for once puts his effort into academics (for the sake of getting chickenpox from his brothers). Because of his newly acquired knowledge about chickenpox, his science project is inspired by his two brothers as chickenpox symptoms.
    • Somewhat of a Negated Moment of Awesome as the episode's ending revealed that Eddie only got a C+ because the winner of the Science Fair taught a bird how to use a calculator.

So Chineez

  • Eddie goes off on one of his classmates for making fun of China (after having complained about getting assigned China for the culture fair thanks to his mother). He ends up getting an F on the assignment (he was assigned Jamaica). Jessica puts his grade on the refrigerator and tells him she is proud of him.

Shaquille O'Neal Motors

  • Jessica and Louis systematically go through layer after layer of management at Shaquille O'Neal Motors, getting better deals along the way, until finally reaching the final manager/boss: Shaq himself. Then Jessica finagles one last deal out of the bossman and intimidates a man two feet taller than her through the grip of her handshake.

Week In Review

  • With 6 seconds left on the clock, Eddie makes a 3-point shot, winning the student-teacher basketball game. Because of a side bet, this also means that his math teacher can't give them anymore homework.

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