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Trivia / Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

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  • Banned Episode: Following the conviction against Cosby, the show was pulled from reruns and Universal, which acquired the rights through DreamWorks Animation's ownership of Classic Media, has not uploaded any episodes on their YouTube channel, Retro Cartoons, nor have they reissued any DVDs when obtaining the distribution rights from Fox. While not the only missing series, its absence is rather conspicuous.
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  • The Danza: One of the characters Bill Cosby voices is named "Bill". It helps that Bill is also an Author Avatar.
  • Descended Creator: This was the first of many shows that Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer would do voice work in, voicing Dumb Donald, Albert's dad, Stinger (in the Brown Hornet segments) Legal Eagle and numerous background and one-off voices.
  • Development Hell: Bill Cosby announced plans to revive the series in 2013. With his recent rape allegations and eventual conviction, it's a pretty safe bet it'll stay there.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Busted episode that has the actual profanity heard in the original broadcast is nowhere to be seen. It has never been released to DVD or online streaming except in its censored version (apart from on Netflix, which somehow had the uncensored version but has since removed the series). Presently, the only way it will show up is if someone recorded it on VCR back in 1984.
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  • Talking to Himself: Bill Cosby plays several characters, including but not limited to: Fat Albert, himself, an animated younger version of himself, Mushmouth, Mudfoot, and the Brown Hornet. At one point, the animated Bill Cosby is on screen at the same time as live-action Bill Cosby in a very literal example of the trope.
  • Write Who You Know: Russell is based on Bill Cosby's real-life brother, also named Russell.


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