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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $45 million. Box office, $48.1 million (US), $48.6 million (worldwide).
  • Creative Differences: Forest Whitaker left the film due to artistic differences with Bill Cosby.
  • Creator Killer: Not so much for Bill Cosby, but more of a dud for director Joel Zwick. The film got negative reviews and although it didn't really bomb that much, it was still a bit of a box office disappointment (it grossed $48 million domestically out of a $45 million budget, and only $435,000 worldwide). Except for the direct-to-video Elvis Has Left the Building, Zwick has since gone back to the small screen.
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  • Deleted Role: Denise Richards filmed a cameo as a store saleswoman and was seen in the original trailer but her scene was deleted from the final cut.
  • Franchise Killer: Given how this film is based on a Bill Cosby creation and features the man himself prominently within the film, a lot of modern-day viewers will have trouble looking at the film without thinking of the numerous sexual assault charges he's been accused of recently. It doesn’t help that this movie is what killed off the Fat Albert franchise in general.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: According to an article about the making of the animated segments of the film, the characters from the series had to be redesigned for the movie because the original designs were owned by Filmation's then-rights-holder, Hallmark. Said changes are slight, though, with the characters in the movie overall appearing more cartoonish compared to how they appear in the show.


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