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  • Line to God: The creators of the game frequent the Steam forums, and often answer questions.
  • Promoted Fan Boy: When the game was still being developed, a fan named Jacob McManamy posted a two-pages fan comic on his Twitter account. It obviously impressed Dusk developers, since McManamy then created the official tie-in comic book included in the Intruder Edition of the game sold on Steam.
  • Schedule Slip: The full game was supposed to come out around Halloween or Christmas of 2017, but following the positive response of Episode 1, New Blood started putting a lot more work into Episode 2 to make sure it held up to the same quality as the first episode. Continuously running into this trope was why the title was put into Early Access; Valve questioned the "SOON" after they failed to hit another deadline, so they simply told them to put it into Early Access instead.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • An enemy that could resurrect other enemies was considered, but was scrapped.
    • A BFG-like weapon was cut during development.
    • The Boneball originally shot out flaming soldier heads (similar to the Pain Elementals from Doom) called Poltergeists, which would charge at the player, and explode.
    • A weapon similar to the Plasma Gun from Doom was cut, originally called a Totem, and later the Dark Claw.
    • The Super Shotgun and Shotgun was originally one weapon, similar to Chasm's Shotgun. Later versions had the super shotgun, but a pump-action shotgun instead of the repeating shotguns.
    • Originally the Guardian was supposed to have a smaller more common variant in Episode 3, similar to the Cowgirls, however was cut.
    • A enemy called the "Meat Lass" was cut, it's function is unknown, most likely being a standard melee enemy similar to the current Priestess.
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  • Write What You Know: The level designs of Episode 1 were partly inspired by rural Pennsylvania where Dave Szymanski grew up.

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