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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Neither Dragon Quest V nor Dragon Quest VI had been localized by the time Terry's Wonderland was first released in the west, so a handful of monsters, bosses, and even characters had their western debut in this game; this is especially poignant, considering that Terry's Wonderland is actually a Prequel to DQVI.
  • No Export for You: The Monsters series suffer even more severely from this than the main Dragon Quest games, with few games having seen a localization.
    • Caravan Heart, though thankfully a Fan Translation has been completed.
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    • The bundled Playstation remake of the first two games was never released outside Japan. The group that did the Fan Translation for Caravan Heart have been working on it, but it has been in Development Hell for years now, where over a year has passed between updates about it and it has no prospective completion date.
    • Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory, given how long it was out in Japan without any word on any sort of localization occurring.
    • Joker 2 was announced at E3 2011 for a US release, but not the Joker 2 Professional version released prior in March, which added over 500 new monsters, rebalanced the game, and added post game content. In addition, the online multiplayer aspect of the game will be completely disabled due to the servers running the 2 Professional software, which is not compatible with Joker 2. Interestingly, localization was actually completed around the time Pro was released. It's theorized that release was delayed because it could never compete with Pokémon Black and White.
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    • The 3DS remakes of the first two Dragon Quest Monsters have never been released outside Japan and Square Enix has shown no inclination of possibly ever doing so. A Fan Translation has been completed of the first game, though unfortunately the second game has had little known progress on one for it.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Dragon Quest Monsters Wiki.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Many theories have popped up on methods to legitimately obtaining the three secret monsters ingame in DQM2. As per typical for the trope, the proposed methods have ridiculous requirements, such as breeding an Orligon and Divinegon together who are both level 99, +99, and with maxed stats, while only having a 1/3 of working to get a Dimensaur, or some variation of the most popular "feed multiples of every possible item to a Dream Egg and then get only a miniscule chance of getting one of the three monsters when you finally hatch the egg". All of these theories have been debunked nor shown any proof of; in particular the popular Dream Egg myth was debunked when it has been figured out that the egg would get "full" (and thus would not accept any more items) before you could give it just 2 of every possible item.

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