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  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • Scott Campbell, Jr. of the Seabrooke, never called himself a legend; he's said that he "wants to be legendary," like it's a goal he's working towards. In fact, during one of the specials in Season 8, when the captains are asked a question along the lines of "What's your biggest secret?," Junior reveals that his is that he always considers himself a failure.
    • Similarly, Edgar never ACTUALLY fires Jake. Jake quits before Edgar can actually pull the trigger, then has his resignation rejected by Edgar who asks him to finish out Blue Crab season (which Jake does). It is only after Blue Crab season is finished, that Jake is called before the Hansen siblings and allowed to resign and take the job on the Kiska Sea.
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  • Captain Existence Failure: Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie suffered a stroke on January 29th, 2010, and passed away 11 days later on February 9. The boat was captained by someone else to finish out the season's taping, but Jake, Josh, and the rest of the Cornelia Marie crew's involvement in both fishing and the show was, for a time, up in the air. In Phil's episode of After the Catch Josh said that although Phil left them his part-ownership of the boat, they were going to take at least one season off to give it a major refurbishing after they scattered Phil's ashes at the start of the next king crab season. In the end, though, they went back to fishing that very next season.
  • Critical Research Failure: One of the "On Deck" factoids called sea anemones plants — a very bizarre mistake for a channel that is (or was) about science — and then I read this and concluded they were half-right (or they wanted confused viewers to search for the article).
  • Follow the Leader: Swords, Lobstermen, Whale Wars...
    • Even the BBC got in on the act, with the rather more prosaically-titled Trawlermen.
    • Plus every adventurous "reality" show set in Alaska.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Why would you leave your family for as much as four months at a time, endure little sleep, unhealthy food, unsafe working conditions, hellish weather, and knowing you could very well die any day of the week? Well, how would you like to earn a year's salary in those four months?
    • Elliot's discovering that, maybe, he should've spent more time with his girlfriend and their kids instead of obsessing over money.
    • Has become a running gag with Keith, since Season 5 left Keith drowning in debt due to the massive amount of repairs needed to fix the Wizard and a cancer scare in between Seasons 4 and 5. All told, this left Keith flat broke, which led him into deep debt when he did very poorly fishing in Season 5.
    • Similarly, the need to make money to pay off debt has become a running gag on the Time Bandit as of Season 9. After suffering near-catastrophic ice damage in Season 8, the Hillstrand brothers sunk every dime they had to essentially rebuild their ship to make it capable of withstanding ice damage — and even then, it will be two or three years before they are back in the black.
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    • Essentially every season starts with at least one captain, ship and crew (or more) facing a huge mountain of debt which they absolutely must pay down with fishing proceeds to stave off bankruptcy ... just in time for the next wave of overhauls and repairs to come along and build them a new mountain of bills and debt. Rinse and repeat.
  • Role-Ending Felony:
    • It seems that an ex-greenhorn (who was already wanted when he joined the show) robbed a bank and fled to Canada.
    • Season 10 Cape Caution greenhorn Kelly "Tinkerbell" Collins would rather have deal with a weapons charge in Alabama then spend another minute at sea ... too bad the authorities don't need to deal with him for a few months.
    • Similarly, a Cape Caution greenhorn in Season 12 was fired before they even set off for their first fishing trip, for lying to the captain when asked if there were any warrants out for his arrest.
    • Edgar Hansen stopped being featured on the show after pleading guilty to sexual assault charges.

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