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Trivia / Daughters of the Moon

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series is now out of print, but can easily be found online or in secondhand/thrift stores.
  • Orphaned Series: Not the original series, but the omnibus books. There were two books released, which included the first six books, but no new issues have been released. Considering that the omnibus series were released in 2010-2011, it seems unlikely that they will be finished.
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  • Schedule Slip: The first twelve books were written pretty consistently during a five year period, however, there was a three year gap between the twelfth and the last book.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Lynne Ewing said in an interview that she originally intended for Vanessa and Stanton to end up together, but abandoned the idea by book two due to Vanessa's character already being dead set on Michael.
    • The girls were supposed to be 14, with their 16th birthday being when they made their decision (Ewing stated that this was due to the prevalent idea that a person's 16th birthday is supposed to be special). They were aged up a year so that they could do older activities (driving and clubbing being the most obvious) without it seeming inappropriate.

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