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Funny / Daughters of the Moon

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  • In the first book, Catty takes Vanessa back in time to figure out who was following her the night before. Due to her unreliable landings, Catty's portal back to the present lands them in their high school men's locker room which is occupied by the boys' water polo team.
  • Catty's pretty dismissive of her and Vanessa's possible punishment for cutting class:
    "Whoever thought of suspending students for cutting classes? It’s exactly what they wanted in the first place."
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  • After Serena is angered by Morgan insulting her in front of her brother, she goes into her head and replaces her memorized pep rally speech with a random memory. The next day, instead of giving a speech introducing the football team, Morgan tells the whole school the story of how she stuffed her bra at a sixth grade Christmas party.

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