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Trivia / Dancougar

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  • The Other Darrin: Laura was voiced by Rie Fujiwara in the TV series, as well as the Requiem of Victims OVA, but was later played by Hiroko Kasahara in God Bless Dancouga.
  • Referenced by...: This series appeared in the earlier Super Robot Wars games a lot. Humorously, when it typically appears in Super Robot Wars, Dancougar comes with all its bells and whistles right out of the gate. In reality, the iconic Dancouken doesn't appear until the Requiem for Victims OVA, which was after the tv series had ended, and the Dancoukogaken didn't appear until God Bless Dancougar years later. Aside from its debut in 4, here's a few notable appearances:
    • GC would become the first game to implement "Final Dancouga," a form that was never seen animated.
    • Both Z2 games feature it alongside its spin-off counterpart Dancouga Nova, with the second game featuring the "Dancou Sougaken," a Combination Attack between Final Dancouga and Dancouga Nova Max God.
    • 30; after not making an appearance in 8-9 years, it makes a return as part of the 3rd wave of DLC. Specifically, the game would feature the never-before-seen "Ultimate Dancouga," said to be even more powerful than Final Dancouga.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • Though not many knows, this is where Norio Wakamoto started his journey of becoming one of the top seiyuus for the villainous characters that we all know and love later, thanks to his over the top A God Am I performance of Shapiro Keats.
    • This is also the series that made Kazuki Yao a well respected voice actor (as the main character Shinobu Fujiwara), to which he follows up with the lead of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Judau Ashta
    • Design and animation-wise, this was actually the first major role that put designer/animator Masami Obari into the radar of anime industry as one of the best in the field of mecha.