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Creator / Kazuki Yao

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Pictured: An especially SUPER seiyu.
OK, we're now about to describe Kazuki Yao here... YATTE YARUZE!!!

Kazuki Yao (born June 17, 1959) is a Japanese voice actor who loves to voice Jerkass roles in general. Finally got his breakout or so as the Hot-Blooded Shinobu Fujiwara of Dancougar, later the Idiot Hero Judau Ashta in Gundam ZZ, then voiced villains that are quite a bit incompetent. He's also a decent singer.

He was once married to fellow voice actress Mina Tominaga, but they have since divorced. His wife since 2011, Natsuki Hayashi, is an actress and dancer.

Notable Roles by Kazuki Yao: