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  • Fan Nickname
    • BlazBlue: The Phantom Pain - The game itself, due to all the crazy twists and turns the story has taken, particularly Relius previously being One of the Ten Sages, Lao Jiu carrying a piece of Roy's soul, and the appearance of Es in Naoto's Act 2 ending. In addition, the general storyline being about many of the characters having lost something important to them and trying to take back their pasts, while also giving new insight to their motivations which tie in to the aforementioned plot twists.
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    • Magic MILF for Nine due to her being, well, a magic-wielding MILF.
      • Rock - A derogatory term for her Kunzite spell which, as the nickname implies, is a magical falling rock that functions as a built-in, advantageous mixup and pressure tool. This makes it the most useful out of all her moves, especially since the move isn't a special move - it's one of her many Drive spells, so not only is it a nigh-unreactable mixup, it's a nigh-unreactable mixup that you can use at the touch of a button.
    • Naturally, as Izanami has two Time Stands Still super moves, they were nicknamed "Za Warudo" and "Za Warudo Grab".
      • Ribcage - Her barrier special looks like giant ribcages that surround her.
    • The Allspark - Hihiirokane, the material that Terumi obtains in his Act 3 ending after robbing the grave of Clavis Alucard, Rachel's father.
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    • The Ragna Requiem - Ragna's plan, as detailed in his Act 3 ending, is a Zero-Approval Gambit which involves him devouring the wishes of all the Entitled, and then Amaterasu itself, all so that the world can finally change, because it's essentially the exact same plan as Lelouch's.
    • The End of BlazBlue - One of the stages, Judgment Day, is heavily implied to take place outside of the Embryo, and it's a hellscape thanks to Izanami; and Izanami is the manifestation of the Drive of the girl in the Amaterasu Unit, who happens to be Noel. Noel wants to live a normal life because her life sucks horribly. Factor all of these in, and this would mean that Izanami is enforcing Noel's will, albeit extremely by destroying the existing world to have it start anew. This eerily parallels The End of Evangelion, where Shinji's desire is to live a normal life because of how much his life sucks, and this is shown through his rejection of Instrumentality, and the Earth is reduced to a hellscape following that. The truth, however, is more complicated.
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    • Terumen - Terumi's true form, Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto, is the result of Terumi fusing back with the Susanoo unit, currently known as Hakumen. It was only natural that fans would put two and two together. Previously, it was used to call Terumi's imitation of Dark Susanoo in his Astral Heat, or the fanmade (now official, although not officially named) version of Pakumen with Dark Susanoo's features.
      • Others affectionately call him Susan.
      • Grand Viper - One of his specials resemble Sol's, well, Grand Viper.
    • Tsubakimen/Tsubakumen - The new unknown character who has inherited Ookami and speculated to be another Tsubaki Yayoi within the Susanoo Unit. Came from a portmanteau of the names Tsubaki and Hakumen.
    • The Gate of Truth - The new Forbidden Gate stage, which is a completely white, mist-covered room with a gigantic doorway in the background. Comparisons with the Final Boss arena of The King of Fighters XIII are also pretty possible.
  • I Knew It!: Practically nobody was surprised at Mai's inclusion as a playable character given that Remix Heart had just gotten a follow up manga two months prior to her anouncement, and Chronophantasma Extend having a recap of the series.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Played straight for Naoto who, like Celica in the previous game, debuted in a side novel series that never made it outside of Japan. This is averted for Es and Mai though as the former's game actually made it overseas before her debut in Blazblue, while Mai's own manga spinoff series had its info being brought to the west by fan effort before she appeared in Blazblue proper.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Jubei makes his long awaited debut on the roster, nine years after the initial release of Calamity Trigger. Not only is this a reference to the common myth, but Nine is also the nickname of Jubei's wife (who also makes her playable debut in this game).
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The entirety of the Act 3 trailer, which features a conversation between Rachel and Izanami about the worth of humanity and the "possibility" of the future, never shows up in arcade or story mode.
  • No Dub for You: This is the first Blazblue game to not be dubbed for overseas release. Aksys stated that if they had dubbed it, the game would have taken much more time to be localized and prioritized a faster release. Needless to say, considering the dub's quality, this caused an unfathomably large outcry from fans. Since the announcement however, a petition was put in place and endorsed by Aksys, as well as many of the English cast. While the initial release still did not come with a dub despite the petition, ArcSys have stated that they intend to support the game beyond its launch through DLC, meaning a dub later on down the road is still one possible way of supporting the game. Well, as of the Switch version's release, it still didn't happen, and with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle having been pushed out to the forefront (and actually gave the CF newcomers dubs on their own), fans have already lost all hope.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Mitsuhiro Ichiki and Nobunaga Shimazaki were Blazblue players/fans before they got to voice Hibiki and Naoto respectively, according to interviews.
  • Short Run in Peru: Hong Kong apparently gets the English version not long after the Japanese release, around a month before the NA and EU release.
  • Talking to Himself: Terumi and Hazama (both voiced by Yūichi Nakamura) have some significant talk to each other here.
  • What Could Have Been: According to an interview with Mori they originally planned to include a scene between Jin and Tsubaki in the epilogue but ultimately decided to cut it because he thought it was "redundant".

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