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Opening Narrations

Was the world written under someone?
Sometime that might be called storyteller, sometime that might be called
Anyway the all existence were drove by script or program in that sequence
If so, where is all the personality.

Does that really exist?
Even if you believe that your will is yours, how can you prove it?
Nobody have answer except the one.

"What is your desire in this world, worthlessness?
What rubbish."

Ragna and the others were in the Union of Hierarchical Cities, called "Ikaruga".
They were rebelling against the ruler, "Mikado" by their own reasons.

As an answer for the consequences,

the mankind all over the world were decomposed into the "Seithr".
While the power inside Ragna was forcibly provoked to be out of control by Mikado.

Thereafter, Mikado has vanished somewhere, leaving the huge black sphere called "Embryo".
And Ragna was lost, after transforming into his internal existence, the "Black Beast".

However, Ragna was still alive.

When he gained consciousness of 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi",

the power of the Black Beast was sedated.

Moreover, he was still himself
though, he has lost all of his memory.

Act I -Phantom of Labyrinth-

"You must discover the truth.
And find out how incompetent you are."

—And then, they arrived at the "Reality" or otherwise called "another figment".

Same time, same place, but in the different causality chain.
It is the realm that their desire comes true.
Or, it is the conclusion that the way it should be.

The world expedient.
The figment.

Though that can be called the "reality", if they don't know what are they stand on.

Unfortunately—or maybe not—they finally found it.

—"The phantom"
she used to be called "Nine the magus", finally appeared and stand infront of them,
the people who touched the edge of truth.

The interplay of lights and sparkle.
But they never reached, Nine said, with coldly toned.

"Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator...No—"
"Izanami must be defeated. By your hands."

And then, the figment was ended with beginning of the another figment.
The truth is still far beyond.

From ACT 1 "Phantom of Labyrinth"

—>—Act II -Nightmare Memory-

"Remember—I'm the enemy. The enemy of the world.
The Grim Reaper, Ragna=The=Bloodedge."

—The Phantom of Labyrinth has ended its rule.
Finally, the truth emerged from the depth of the nightmare.

"Mikado", the Empress, also known as the "Hades" Izanami.
"He" had a fierce fighting with Izanami, who displays overwhelming power with cruel smile on her face.
After the terrific battle, "He" eventually defeated her.

Her face was usual temper, with cruel smile, even was stabbed by the sword.

She gave the words.
"I'll show you the true enemy you have to defeat."

—Master Unit "Amaterasu" materialized.

Izanami continued,
"If you wish to finish everything, you will have to ascertain the truth.
Then you will see, how merciless the power of God is.
And how powerless you are!"

From ACT 2 "Nightmare Memory"

"He", the grimreaper, the enemy of the world, "Ragna=The=Bloodedge"
In the end of the rebel, what will he think, and what will he do?

Act III -The Replacement Blue-

They finally reached the truth. The truth of the world, called
The time has come. However, that doesn't mean the end of the realm.

"Now, is the time to awake from the mare."

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