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Trivia / A Voice from the Dark

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  • Reality Subtext: It's arguable how much of it is "sub" and how much is "text", but the constant references to the producers not being happy about being tricked into life-threatening situations the last three times is very obviously meant to reflect the actual people's feelings about the production problems and abuse that happened behind the scenes.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Lewis Lovhaug took quite a bit of care in avoiding this, and the effects of this can be heard in the play. According to Lewis, Channel Awesome was going to be said by name in part 1 after a bit of buildup, but it was decided that they would go unnamed due to fears of legal action from Mike Michaud and Rob Walker. Blistered Thumbs, however, was mentioned by name, mostly because Lewis assumed Mike and Rob wouldn't care due to how it was unceremoniously dropped from the site.
  • Throw It In!: According to Linkara, the other Producers were allowed to add their own lines of dialogue, if they felt it was more In-Character for them.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This was actually something Lewis had been working on for years and even had plans to include it in Channel Awesome, with the Voice originally being the spirit of The Nostalgia Critic. Following the slow descent of the site with people leaving and then Lewis himself departing from the site, it was changed up as a result.
    • Initially, the writer would have been Leslie Rice, who was the initial organizer of the event, however, some personal life issues happened with him, so Linkara took over. Leslie, however, still worked on the music.
      • One idea he proposed was some of the producers would get Killed Off for Real before being replaced by versions of them from another universe.
    • Another idea had the group sing "We’ll Meet Again" instead of "The Time Warp".
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    • Allison Pregler and Phelous were originally part of the cast, and had even recorded their lines for the story, but they became too uncomfortable due to similarities with Channel Awesome's anniversary movies bringing up bad memories and dropped out with no hard feelings. Nella & Welshy, respectfully, stepped in to what would have been their roles.
    • While Phelous was still involved, rather than Rob the Monkey saving him from Goofy Gary's attack, as it did Welshy, it would have been a bootleg Proton Pack, which Phelous was wearing, as he was planning on filming a Bootleg Zone video about it while at the Manor.
    • Lindsay Ellis was asked to take part but declined.
    • Noah Antwiler was also asked, but never even responded.
    • Krissy Diggs (aka That Chick With The Goggles) was originally going to play Sally.
    • Count Jackula was also on Linkara’s list of people he was gonna ask, but it was after the audio drama premiered, that Jackula sent a message saying, “Why didn’t you ask me? I would’ve totally said yes!” That was when Linkara realized that’s he had forgotten to email him. Whoops.


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