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YMMV / A Voice from the Dark

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  • Awesome Moment:
    • A fed-up MarzGurl charges Goofy Gary and just kicks him.
    • After stabbing Welshy, Goofy Gary draws another knife and attacks the others.
    • The group descends into infighting but MarzGurl reunites them all with a Rousing Speech.
    • The Big Damn Heroes moment where the critics come to save ERod
    • Suede greets Dr. Vivisen.
      Suede: What's the sound of a sword going through someone's face?
      Dr. Vivisen: Uh, I've never heard the sound...
      Suede: (draws sword) 'Cause I'm eager to find out.
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    • The whole crew defeating the Voice by singing Time Warp.
    • Shaun setting Emma's ghost on fire with a Molotov.
    • Shaun and Jerk defeating Goofy Gary.
      Shaun: How do you feel about cocktails?
      Jerk: 'Cause this one's a bit spicy.
    • Diamanda Hagan betrays the Voice
      Dr. Vivisen: But, the Voice! Its majesty and power! How can you betray that? Who are you to defy its will?
      Diamanda: I'm Diamanda Hagan, you feckless dumbass. (gunshot)
    • The Voice itself gets one. After the reviewers seem to get the upper hand and defeat several of his underlings, the Voice brings them back with a single word.
    • A meta example: The producers showing they're able to create an amazing mega-crossover without Channel Awesome, whose own mega-crossovers were revealed to be exploitative and unsafe.
  • Awesome Music: The heroes sing Time Warp to defeat the Voice.
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  • Complete Monster: The titular Voice from the Dark is the remnant of a powerful entity whose body decayed when it arrived from another dimension. Seeking to dominate all who could hear it and kill those who could not, the Voice reached out to Obed Scarsdale and manipulated him into building a mansion that could help rebuild its body. Scarsdale fought its influence and turned the catacombs of the manor into a maze to trap it. During its construction, the Voice arranged for the deaths of several of Scarsdale's assistants and converted his maid Emma into one of his agents. Many years after Scarsdale boarded the manor up, the Voice was awakened by the presence of the producers gathered at the mansion and trapped them within the maze. It turned the party planners Linkara hired into zombies and sent them to tear apart the sound technicians who had managed to record its whispers. Upon being freed, the Voice possessed the body of H.P. Lovecraft and planned to possess ERod once his body had been burned up by his raw power.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Even in voice form, it's damn great to see (or hear) everyone together again or even for the first time.
    ERod: It's been so long since everybody's been in one place like this.
    • Linkara's reason for starting the plot was because he missed all his friends and wanted to see them again. Shame how it all turned out.
    • Luke says Dominic will never be his best friend, but he will still be a friend.
    • The group descends into infighting but MarzGurl calms them down and unifies them with a Rousing Speech.
    • Linkara realized he wasn't cut out to be the leader of the former producers and telling MarzGurl she'd be far better at it.
      • Her reply: they don't need a leader; they just need to stand together and trust each other.
    • Combined with Awesome Moments, Linkara, Marzgurl, Calluna, Bargain Boy, Luke, and Some Jerk with a Camera singing the Time Warp to defeat The Voice. Even after not seeing each other for so long and having descended to infighting beforehand, the six of them are still able to come together and sing an old favorite of theirs for the sake of saving the world.
    • The heroes laughing and throwing mudballs at each other after escaping the house.
  • Spoiled by the Format: The second episode ends on a cliffhanger making it look like Goofy Gary has killed Welshy. However, the promotional trailer was shown to have lines in the Audio Drama itself, and Welshy still has a dialogue with Bargain Boy in the trailer, meaning he's still alive. Lo and behold, come the third episode, Welshy is shown to have survived thanks to his stuffed monkey blocking the knife.
  • Tear Jerker: Everyone's reaction to Linkara being the one who summoned them to the mansion, with everyone being disappointed and furious at Lewis lying to them. This was not helped by Marzgurl bluntly telling Linkara he's just as bad as the website itself.
    • Much later on, it's revealed by Marz that she isn't really angry at Linkara, just disappointed, feeling that he should have known better than tricking them.
    • Erod's reaction, holy crap Broken Pedestal doesn't even cover it.
    • Luke angrily telling Dom, yet again, that they are not friends. While Dom is usually amusingly oblivious, this time he's genuinely hurt especially after he saved Luke's life from Emma.
    • A meta example; Obscurus Lupa and Phelous were supposed to be part of the story as well, but unfortunately the similarities between the audio and the anniversary movies, possibly even exploring the fallout from leaving Channel Awesome in-story, meant they became uncomfortable about participating and asked to drop out before recording. Fortunately there have been no hard feelings about it.
      • Expanding on the above, several other former members of the site were invited, but declined to participate.


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