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Tearjerker / Sarazanmai

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     Reo and Mabu: The both of us are Sarazanmai 

  • Reo and Mabu's conversation about giving up Saranote  becomes a Harsher in Hindsight moment when one considers the ending of chapter 10.
  • Mabu's face in chapter 8 when he starts to doubt whether he and Reo were suitable to raise Sara.
  • A short one in chapter 10, when Sara, who suddenly became a teenager in a few hours while the policemen weren't looking, bids Reo and Mabu goodbye, but not before referring to them as "otousan".
    • Sara sprays a magic dust on Reo and Mabu before leaving, causing them to question again, "Who are you?"
    • Chapter 11 reveals that everything was All Just a Dream, but considering the anime's events, this could be Foreshadowing.


Episode 1: I want to be connected, but I want to lie.

  • Kazuki's painfully obvious humiliation about his secret of crossdressing being forcibly revealed to Tooi and Enta. It's clear that this is something he wanted to remain private, to the point where he begs them not to look during their Sarazanmai.

Episode 2: I want to be connected, but I want to take.

  • Tooi's desire to be close with Chikai, but he cannot since the latter thinks the former will get in the way.

Episode 3: I want to connect, but it's not meant to be.

  • According to Haruka, Kazuki was a lot happier before, when he still played soccer. In fact, Kazuki doesn't even laugh like he used to.
  • It's easy to feel sympathy for Enta, whose feelings might never reach the very oblivious Kazuki.

Episode 4: I want to connect, but you're so far away.

  • Who is Chikai to his uncle? A murdering bastard.
  • Tooi's Dark and Troubled Past.
    • His parents were deep in debt and killed themselves to escape, leaving the Kuji brothers to their relatives.
    • 10-year-old Tooi's words to Chikai, who was going to sell his late parents' valuables.
    Tooi: I hate you for talking bad about Mom and Dad. You should have been the one who died.
  • Chikai's obvious resentment for his parents for committing suicide to escape debt.
    • Later, young Tooi finds a photo under Chikai's gun of their family during happier times, evidencing that Chikai really did love them.
  • In the beginning of the episode, it seemed like Tooi and Enta were slowly becoming friends. Right after the Leak, it's clear things won't be getting better between them, with Tooi threatening to kill Enta and Enta now truly viewing Tooi as a criminal.

Episode 5: I want to be connected, but I can't be forgiven.

  • The reason why Kazuki feels so disconnected. He finds out that he was adopted by his current family, and doesn't understand why he had to be separated from his birth mother in the first place.
    • And then, there's the reason why Haruka's happiness means so much to him. On his way to say goodbye to his birth mother, Haruka tries to stop him. Kazuki pushed him away. He crossed the road just as the traffic lights changed. Because of that, Haruka crossed the road too late and got hit by a car. Kazuki blames himself ever since.
    • In the end, he didn't get to see his mother off.
  • Kazuki, crying at the end of the episode as he reveals his secret to the others after the Leak was disrupted and the Sachet Zombie reclaimed his shirikodama.

Episode 6: I want to connect, so I'm not giving up.

  • Haruka's sadness over Kazuki's absence.
  • Kazuki's denial over his issues by behaving overzealous.
  • Even though Haruka can't see him, Kazuki still runs away.
  • The moment Haruka is believed to have died, and the boys believed they were too late.
    • Kazuki's attempt to carry out a Heroic Sacrifice because he thinks the world is better off without him.

Episode 7: I want to connect, but I want to betray.

  • What Mabu has to endure during his Maintenance, and then the next morning, he has to deal with Reo's hostility.
  • In Reo's flashback, he wakes up after the attack at Ryounkaku, only to learn from an Otter scientist that Mabu was killed.
    • When Mabu came back to life, Reo immediately realizes he's not the same. The Otter's response to that? Reo can just kill Mabu if he wanted to, anytime.
  • Tooi, clearly upset about leaving Asakusa. He was really happy to have real friends and wanted to be in the soccer club too.
  • The reveal that Enta trashed his special soccer place and stole the Dishes because he was jealous of Tooi getting attention from Kazuki.

Episode 8: I want to connect, but we will never meet again.

  • In the end, Kazuki could not find the Dishes in time, and Tooi had to leave, which leads to the former's falling out with Enta.
  • While Enta deserved to be called out for his behavior, it's hard not to feel bad seeing the look on his face after Kazuki punches him and tells him that he hates him. It's even harder when Enta takes a bullet for Kazuki, and smiles tearfully when Kazuki asks why he would do that, with Enta saying he couldn't even say he hates him as a joke.
  • Chikai reminiscing on what Toi was like when he was younger, making it clear he has his own regrets about what their relationship has become, even if he's still unwilling to end it himself.

Episode 9: I want to connect, but I can't express it.

  • After the entire episode begs the question of whether or not Chikai even cares about Tooi, he ultimately goes out by taking a bullet for him, leading to a very drawn out death and Tooi's complete heartbreak over it.
  • The Kuji family photo from episode 4 resurfaces, and we see that at some point over the years, Chikai blacked out everyone, including himself, and only left Tooi untouched.

Episode 10: I want to connect, but I can't.

  • The truth behind Mabu's stoic demeanor: Otter built Mabu's replacement heart to explode and kill him for good if he expresses his true feelings towards Reo.
  • Between Mabu's shirikodama being extracted and his full disconnection causing him to be forgotten, Reo goes crazy and shoots wildly, causing major damage everywhere at random with just a couple shots. Gets even worse when he forgets Mabu, but not his feelings for him.
    • Between that, in real time, when episode 10 aired in Japan, Mabu and Reo's Twitter account, there was one final tweet from Mabu with his Dying Declaration of Love. Afterward, the entire account was cleared out, showing that Mabu is now Ret Gone.
    • On Reo and Mabu's Twitter account, there was a photo of Kool's cigarette brand with the note "I'll be away" on it. The logos match the rings that Mabu and Reo turn into after they die.


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