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This is an anime by Ikuni, there will be a lot of symbolism to interpret.

  • Kazuki's secret of crossdressing as Sara is actually foreshadowed early in episode 1, when Tooi approaches him, asking about Sara. When Tooi suggests that Kazuki was connected to Sara, his box is given focus for a second.
  • How did Tooi retrieve the packet of "fresh herb" from Nyantarou? From his kitty litter.
  • The Dishes of Hope coming in different colors with different requirements per color is an obvious reference to the colored plates in conveyor belt sushi restaurants, which prices food according to the colors of their plates.
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  • Kazuki's behavior in episode 4 might seem odd until one remembers he's supposed to be Sara right now, and what does Sara do? Deliver serious news in a comedic manner.
  • When we first see Tooi get upset about Enta finding his gun, it's easy to assume he's just angry about the latter messing with his things and his crimes being exposed. After episode 4, it's likely his anger also originates from the fact that the gun carries emotional value.
  • Kazuki and Enta being able to communicate on hand signs isn't just because they were close, but also because that's how soccer players interact on the field, coming up with secret gestures so they wouldn't have to shout their tactics.
  • A lot of Enta's behavior is a direct result of his crush on Kazuki:
    • In a PASH character sheet, Kazuki mentions that his favorite food is kappa maki. Enta's Wasteful Wishing on the Golden Plate of Hope is him asking for a lifetime supply of the stuff.
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    • While admirable and genuine on its own and just the natural result of being friends for a long time, Enta taking care of Haruka can also be seen as an attempt to learn more about his crush and bond with his family.
    • Enta has no qualms with Kazuki's crossdressing; considering that he loves Kazuki regardless of flaws or peculiarities, it's not all that surprising. It can also be seen as him trying to be sympathetic to Kazuki's hobbies.
  • The Otter Empire's focus on desire over love in their schemes makes sense when you look at what kind of Dishes of Hope the Zombies make after they're defeated. The boys got their first and only natural golden Dish from the Box Zombie, whom had nobody he loved and whose desire was born out of pure fetish for wearing cardboard boxes. All Zombies after him were only able to make silver dishes, while each of their secrets had something to do with a crush, a lover, or a desire to be beloved. Presumably, their desires overpowered enough of their love to be deemed worthy of extraction, but not enough to make a golden dish.

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