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Toi and Kazuki will be the end-game couple.
It doesn’t seem too early to say that Kazuki doesn’t reciprocate Enta’s feelings for him in the slightest. As many fans have pointed out, Kazuki and Toi have more things in common, which could lead to a legitimate connection being formed between the two of them. Connections are important to the setting, and while Kazuki continues to distance himself from Enta, he and Toi are gradually becoming closer and coming to an understanding. It helps that official merchandise and slight teases between them in the Anime imply that this may end up being the case.
  • Jossed, because in the end none of the boys ended up romantically paired with each other instead remaining the friend trio. Toi/Kazuki moment is ended only in episode 7 and 8, then episode 9 and so on there is no development between them anymore, instead they remain to be the trio alongside Enta.
    • Even thought they aren't canon then, but in the end Toi parallels with Kazuki in episode 1 about the narrative (but with different two sentences) and falling in ㋐ sign.
Keppi has a human form, but it is not Sara’s Manager, who we see in episode 5.
This same man appeared in the Manga to pick Sara up after the sequence of her erasing Reo and Mabu’s memory. This was All Just a Dream as revealed in the end of the Manga, but him being connected to her in the Anime is retained. It’s unlikely that the man is Keppi due to his color palette. Sara’s Kappa form looks like her in both hair and eye color, while the man we see finally colored in the Anime has brown hair and light green eyes, very much unlike Keppi. Keppi’s human form will be revealed later on before the end of the Anime.
  • Played with. While Keppi does have a form that's more humanoid than his current form, it's revealed that he actually looks more like a humanoid lizard.
Toi and Kazuki/Enta have been expected to have Forgotten First Meeting since their childhood.
Particularly Kazuki. In episode 6, Toi has a little bit gasp when he notices Enta takes out the blue miçanga with red-yellow strips and gives it to Kazuki. His expression seems like he knew that miçanga before. He then notices Kazuki's miçanga twice in episode 7.Another theory of Toi have been met before with Kazuki:
  • He adepts with soccer skill, which being amazed by Kazuki.
  • When he was in his childhood, he had the attributes that relate to soccer, example the trophies and the poster, which is the same like Enta's in his house.
  • "Saratto" poses are the poses of Kazuki and Enta as the Golden Duo. But in the battle with Kappa zombie, Toi has his own saratto pose naturally like he had adapted it before.
  • Actually Tooi lived in Asakusa for a long time before the parents death and Chikai's involvement in the criminal world, which has the big possibility to meet Kazuki and/or Enta.
  • Most likely Kazuki's current miçanga is actually from Tooi, since the miçanga's major color is blue which is Tooi's color theme.

    • Confirmed as of Episode 8; Tooi met Kazuki and is the source of the original miçanga. Even the Saratto poses come from Tooi himself who inspired by his favorite soccer player, Lionel Kappa, when he was a child.

The final episode will contain a musical number with the main trio plus kappa-Mabu against Reozilla
  • Enta will be saved by the dish wish, either before or after, and Reo will be saved by a shirikodama transfer from Mabu resulting in either:
    • Reo finally having to accept Mabu's initial sacrifice
    • Or the more Penguindrum-esque option of forgetting about Mabu entirely, retroactively losing the connection he was so desperate to hold onto
      • Confirmed in Episode 10. But jossed with the fact that Reo didn't become Reozilla since he killed by Tooi during he lost his memory about Mabu.

Reo and Mabu's situation is a commentary on queerbaiting.
Half of Utena deconstructed things that many shoujo series romanticize but aren't so great in real life (Brother–Sister Incest, Hot for Teacher, May–December Romance, Stalking Is Love...), and Yurikuma Arashi had a lot of commentary on fictional lesbians being either innocently in a phase or
dangerous predators. Reo and Mabu are trapped by the Otter Boss and forced apart so he can capitalize on their desire, and Mabu is forced to never actually say he still loves Reo lest he blow up. The correlation between a show allowing its gay characters to flat-out address their feelings or their relationship and killing them off is shown here as outright causation.

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