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Tear Jerker / Sanrio Boys

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Grab your favorite Sanrio character merch and a box of tissues, because this one is going to get weepy.

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The anime:

     Kouta and his Grandmother 
  • Young Kouta getting mocked by the other kids for liking Pompompurin.
  • Kouta's grandmother tries to cheer him up, but Kouta instead yells at her, taking out his frustration from the bullying on the one person who was always there to support him.
    • Soon enough, he feels very much ashamed of what he did. However, Kouta could never really gather the strength to face her again and apologize.
  • The tantalizing scene when Kouta's grandmother optimistically starts repairing the damaged Pompompurin, cheerfully saying that Kouta will come back someday. She is half-correct: Kouta's right there, in front of her house, still unable to face her.
  • When talking with the little girl about Pompompurin, Kouta is visibly upset when he barely backpedals in order to avoid exposing his liking of Pompompurin, despite managing to hide it with a forced smile.
  • When Kouta is about to return the My Melody keyholder to Yuu, he backs away at the last second because he was afraid that, in doing so, he would wind up publicly humiliating the latter by exposing Yuu's liking of the My Melody to his class, including the two girls Yuu was hanging out with.
  • At the (real) start of the first episode, it is painfully obvious how lonely Kouta is, as he is unable to fully bond even with his supposed friends since he still keeps his Unmanly Secret hidden from them. The other, more achieving guys at school, unintentionally cause him to even develop a degree of Inferiority Superiority Complex.
  • Kouta realizing how much he cared for the Pompompurin after all, only after his mother accidentally throws it away. It could have avoided had Kouta just been honest about still liking it.
  • At the end of episode 2, the trio accidentally cross paths with Yuu's younger sister, Yuri, who insults Yuu for liking My Melody.
  • Yuri repeatedly calling everything her older brother does and likes gross. She wishes for him to be a 'manly' big brother, believing him doing everything around the house and openly expressing his love for her isn’t manly in her eyes.
    • Earlier through the episode we see that Yuu doesn't really have much free time. Because their parents aren't at home, he spends every single day doing all the housework including cleaning, but especially cooking, yet Yuri consistently refuses to eat any of the food he makes, and doesn’t seem to pitch in herself.
    • At one point, once his anguish reaches its peak, Yuu submerges his head into the bathtub as he lets out a broken scream, letting out all of the emotions he has been bottling up for quite a while.
    • Once she calls him gross one time too much, the agitated Yuu starts yelling at Yuri and almost hits her, only to be stopped by Shunsuke. Given his usually calmer demeanor, it is shocking to see Yuu so upset and even violent.
  • Episode 4 reveals that Shunsuke had developed a fear of facing people ever since his childhood, when a kind girl who gave him his first Hello Kitty charm abruptly left as soon as she approached him.
    • Shunsuke is very much emotionally broken through the majority of the episode as his trauma from childhood keeps him in a confused and irritated state. Being briefly isolated from the soccer club did a number on him as well.
    • At the end of the episode, Ryo and Yuu almost start fighting after loads of yelling, until they are fortunately interrupted by Seiichiro. It doesn't help that Ryo called Yuu (and, by extension Kouta and Shunsuke) a freak.
  • Episode 5 ends with Ryou furiously lashing out on Seiichirou due to the latter's perceived hypocrisy.

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