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Nightmare Fuel / Sarazanmai

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     In General 

  • Unexpectedly, keeponly1luv has some moments.
    • For example, when appears and red otters in heart symbols start popping up more frequently in their tweets, signalling something dark approaching.
    • There's a sudden Tone Shift in the end, where Reo finds a letter stamped with ア, apparently opened and read by Mabu, containing a dangerous mission that the latter chooses to take on himself. Reo is against letting him go on his own, but Mabu leaves anyway.
    • Finally, there's the policemen's last tweets, with Mabu's being an ominous Call-Back to his first tweet and Reo's being a cryptic message that matches the darker personality he has in the anime.
    Mabu: We're gonna keep the peace in this town.
    Reo: Even in this rotten world, I'm not letting go of desire.
  • The vaguely cult-like feel of Sara's show can be unsettling, especially with the frequent occurrence of the ア symbol.
  • The OP displays a giant otter Kaiju rampaging around Asakusa.
  • For a creature that looks like a giant mochi, Keppi is very capable of making some disturbing expressions.


Episode 1: I want to be connected, but I want to lie.

  • For some, the shirikodama extraction can be seen as this.
    • Basically, we see Keppi swallow Kazuki whole after tearing his clothes off. In the moment Keppi morphs from human-esque to kappa, Kazuki's face and arms can be seen pressed against Keppi's body, like he's flailing in there. Then, inside Keppi's body, we see a silhouette of Kazuki, screaming as his shirikodama is extracted.
  • Reo and Mabu, after the credits.
    • A person they apprehended denies his crime, so they turn him into a Kappa-Zombie. The process involves Reo pointing a gun at the target, who is currently too scared to talk. The episode ends with the target's phone dropping onto the desk, showing a corrupted screen with the otter logo blinking on it.

Episode 2: I want to be connected, but I want to take.

  • In this episode, we learn that Tooi knows how to waterboard.
    • The person in question is an adult man who apparently followed the Kuji brothers. Hence, his torture and interrogation.
    • We also get to see Chikai for the first time, and his debut involves threatening the man, too.
  • It turns out, people actually die when transformed into Kappa-Zombies. The Cat Zombie had his human body discarded in the Sumida River, which Reo and Mabu proudly confess to doing in front of many other policemen.

Episode 3: I want to connect, but it's not meant to be.

  • This week's zombie has actually murdered someone while they were still human. He had caused a girl to be Driven to Suicide.
  • Enta's secret reveal is probably the nightmares of many people— His crush was forcibly revealed to the target of his affections.
  • It is completely reasonable to find Enta's Stalker with a Crush tendencies rather creepy.

Episode 4: I Want to Connect, but You're So Far Away.

Tooi: I'll shove this down your throat.

Episode 5: I want to be connected, but I can't be forgiven.

Episode 6: I want to connect, so I'm not giving up.

  • The full significance of the otter motif has been revealed, and it is not. Pretty. Seemingly, the vaguely-mentioned empire Reo and Mabu are serving genocided Keppi's people in search of more desire. The fact that humanity is next is not a comforting thought...
    • With this, Keppi's remark that the empire can and will kill him if they discover that he is the source of the Dishes of Hope.
  • The Adult Fear of Haruka's abduction. Having a police officer of all people knock you unconscious and steal your child is unsettling at best.
  • The fate of the Desire Zombies is revealed to the boys; they do not take it well, with Tooi in particular seeming disturbed that they've been erasing these people from existence through their actions.
  • Although it's been already made clear that The Empire lacks empathy for their victims, the reveal that those ruled to have 'love' (rather than 'desire') are literally ground to a pulp and deemed useless is particularly disturbing.

Episode 7: I want to connect, but I want to betray.

  • The beginning of the episode is about Mabu presumably being violated by an otter, who at first takes the form of Reo.
  • Apparently, the job Chikai took, likely the same one Tooi wanted to join but wasn't allowed, fell through as Chikai got backstabbed.

Episode 8: I want to connect, but we'll never meet again.

  • Reo and Mabu are terrifying throughout this whole episode. The fact that they can apparently mind control normal civilians with Otter technology makes victory against them less and less likely...
    • In particular, Reo makes several hellish facial expressions as he kills a yakuza thug and later Enta. The fact that he gloats over the death of a middle schooler to the point where Mabu comes across as more empathetic is horrifying.


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