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Tear Jerker / Trials of Mana

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Trials of Mana isn't without its share of sorrow.

  • The introduction phase for each protagonist.
    • Duran sees his fellow soldiers defeated by a powerful magician, and then gets defeated himself.
    • Angela was chosen by her mother to be sacrificed, seeing her as a failure of a magician.
    • Kevin was attacked by his best friend and pup Karl, and his werewolf blood caused him to kill Karl. Then he learns that it was all a setup by the Beast King, to force him to awaken as a beastman.
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    • Charlotte left the safety of her home because she wanted to look after Heath, only to find him being kidnapped by Goremond.
    • Hawkeye had to fight his brainwashed friend Eagle, who was then killed by Bigieu. He was framed for Eagle's death and the Thieves Guild wants him dead. And Bigieu tells him that he cannot reveal the truth to anyone, lest he wanted Jessica to die.
    • Riesz sees her kingdom being infiltrated by the Nevarl Thieves Guild, has to watch her father die, and is forced to flee. She also learns that her younger brother was kidnapped.
  • Going through the Dragon Hole when Duran is chosen as the main protagonist, there's a scene where the party meets what appears to be the Golden Knight Loki about to go and fight the Dragon Lord. Since Duran knows that his father died during this fight, he tries to convince him to not go, but he won't listen. Loki tells Duran that he hopes his son will 'turn out to be a fine, young man like you'.
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  • The sorrow portrayed by Belladonna on any route that isn't Riesz's or Hawkeye's. When Dark Majesty ends up Deader Than Dead, she gives up all plans on taking over the world because she cannot imagine one where he isn't around. She kills Malocchio and then commits suicide. And if Riesz is in the party, she'll confess that she sent Elliot back to Laurent.


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