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Character Classes - Symbolism and Thought

Duran - The Code of Battle - Honor

Kevin - The Pacing of the Fight - Mercy

Being the resident martial artist, Kevin's classes are among the more colorful and original martial artist jobs than seen in most RPG fare. Along with the given Bare-Fisted Monk archetypes, his dark classes expand upon the other side of martial arts that not very many stories bar fighting games and martial arts stories bear, including those of Thug Dojos and schools of fighting that encourage users to become wrathful and vicious.

Within his job themes, Kevin's revolve around the concept of intensity and the pacing of a battle, or more accurately explained the tension within the heat of battle. Regarding hand to hand martial arts, it is long regarded that pugilism and utilizing one's body as their weapon is the "purest" form of combat, and is the de facto practical foundation of the martial arts. Along with realizing the capabilities one can perform through their fighting arts and the actions and skills that comprise them, much like how weapons demand responsibility to use them, so are one's teachings in their martial art meant to guide them to use them the right way, and ultimately come to set the example of fighting and code of conduct within battle for others to follow.


The Godhand

Heroically, the Godhand is practically evocative of the championed and heralded of the martial arts, being honorable and valiant champions of the bare basics of fighting who have faced all odds to champion good and right. Though not unlike the Knight or Paladin, they come to represent the ideal and beloved example of a powerful and benevolent fighter who halts the evils of the world in its tracks and passes on judgement to their evils, and not merely on the perpetrator themselves, and showcases the lofty example of those who have come to not just believe in themselves, but to explore what their entire being is all about and to follow through into life and its challenges with unflinching resolve and modest yet convict confidence. Godhands do not just train in their power and skill, but also delve into spiritual mediation and the affairs of their heart to fully realize what they are all about.


In terms of villainy, Godhands are representative of the extremes of Enlightened Antagonist and Evil Virtues, as well as Light Is Not Good. Though such methods are pure, such things cannot be said about the heart of a user itself. Villains of the class will use the class's power purely for its own sake, and much like a deity, bears the power to end mortal lives with but a wave of their hand out of amusement. Villainous Godhands will even come to bear entitlement of their superior ways to bully and throw their weight around as "gods" and the superior elite. Their self motivation is entirely selfish and without sate.

The Death Hand

In terms of villainy, Death Hands are essentially the Martial Arts Flick villain down to pat. They bear unique but mysterious and even dangerous martial arts unknown to many, and those that dare face such skills do not come back alive. They are taught and encouraged to draw upon wickedness and abandon, be it from extreme negativity from within or the acceptance to be evil without regret. They even dress like rouges and thugs, and wear armor meant to reinforce their attacks with their plating and protruding weaponized adornments. When it comes to battle, they are life or death on edge fighters who will not back down until every one of their foes are brutalized into a messy and unrecognizable pulp. Goaded to be psychotic. Draws upon egotism and elitism. Prides the philosophy of how power rules, and how power that doesn't prove is not power at all. While not unlike the Gladiator and the Duelist at their worst, they come to represent the worst of conduct that can turn armies into hordes and legions of bloodthirsty monsters should their ways be incorporated into their repertoire, and individuals into unstable and ultraviolent savages who make the world of fighting and competition into a pure wasteland of unrestrained vice and brutality.


Heroically, the Death Hand is a martial artist who has been taught no nonsense path of the brutal and merciless truth of fighting: ultimately, nothing is beautiful about it when it happens. Though it is valued that maintaining cool and levelheadedness is key for such fights, not everyone operates the same way, and those of the Death Hand operate off of necessary rage and the need to commit wrongs to prevent more wrongs, and to explore the depths of what the martial arts world considers forbidden and taboo to get a better understanding of it; after all, true evil is empowered by ignorance. Even if their martial arts are hardwired to ultimately cause death, Death Hands put to good use may find ways around their art to be self defense. They can be negotiators who represent the extremes of a situation, and whose martial arts of pain can be used to bring people the truth of the brevity of what they will get themselves into if they cannot get them to turn back; after all, death can mean not just the end of life, but the end of something conceptually, including the end of a dark path to ruin or being evil. Even if death of life may be the only option, they can perform it in such a way where it is merciful, or if the foe is that despicable, may pass their own judgement on to them through their martial arts at its most intense and violent to bring about the punishment that has long been overdue before their fall to hell.

Hawkeye - The Measures of Thievery - Skillfulness

Angela - The Meaning of Power - Talent

Charlotte - The Desire to Help - Faith

Riesz - The Culmination of War - Perspective


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