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Tear Jerker / Some Jerk with a Camera

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  • The ending to the "ABC Goes to Disneyland" review (the Season 2 finale), where Jerk leaves Disneyland after finding out that the characters at Disneyland are just people in costumes.
  • The ending for his Escape from Tomorrow review is bittersweet at best and tear jerking at worst. After being disconnected from Disney since the end of his "ABC Goes to Disneyland" episode, his reaction to hearing Randy Moore describe his view on people entering Disneyworld seems genuine, and the shot of him returning back to Disneyland after his resentment of it is bittersweet to a dangerous level.
  • With the recent events of Channel Awesome handling their content creators very badly, Goldmark announced that he decided to leave the site. What made him decide to leave? Doug Walker still being Michaud’s doormat, even after everything that came out.
    • After the "Our Response" article on Channel Awesome, and the massive can of worms that resulted in, Goldmark went on to say that his videos felt tainted now. Even worse when he admitted that Doug and the Nostalgia Critic was such an influence on him that he's planning a massive overhaul on his review style so Some Jerk With a Camera is no longer "Nostalgia Critic but with theme parks." A final sign that the site and its most popular member are now Broken Pedestals to him.
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  • Tony's analysis of the new Hall of Presidents, which includes an animatronic of President Donald Trump. Seeing Trump among so many other Presidents, many racists and slaveowners (keep in mind, beloved president Franklin Delano Roosevelt made internment camps for the Japanese during WWII), emphasizes how normal it is for cruel, stupid, mediocre white men to get ahead in life while smarter, more qualified people are left behind.
  • Tony's anger at how Wonder Park mishandled the sickness of the main character's mother because of how it reminded him of his own mother's death by breast cancer.
  • Tony's monologue at the beginning of the One Movie Later for The Lion King (2019) about how old fashioned hand-drawn animation is a dying art form. Schools no longer teach it and even shows that look like hand-drawn animation are actually computer-animated.
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  • This video in which Tony implores people to stop asking him about the next season. He just sounds so tired and stressed out it's very hard to listen to him talk...

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