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  • Acting for Two:
    • Occasionally, Jerk will play two characters having a conversation such as Michael Eisner and his assistant, Walt Disney and a wealthy businessman, or a Game Show Host and two contestants...all three of whom are named Some Jerk With A Camera.
    • Count Jackula cameos in the Star Tours II review as two separate Imagineers.
    • Charlie Callahan often guest stars as both Spazzmaster and Conspiracy Guy.
    • And then there was the time the Jerk played himself, with Tony's Kill Bozby character in the same shot!
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    • Lampshaded in "It's A Small World Part I", where Jerk plays both of the Sherman Brothers. A cut reveals him to be just walking from one side of the room to the other to speak both sides of the conversation, with onlookers thinking he's crazy.
  • Approval of God: Apparently Matt Groening himself gave his approval to his The Simpsons Ride review.
  • Cast the Expert: While they aren't necessarily in the videos because of this, collaborators like Spazzmaster and Il Niege work or have worked at Universal Studios and Disneyland respectively. Chris Nebergall as shown below is also treated similarly.
  • Colbert Bump: Tony gives one to the real-world Pinetta's in Baton Rouge during the "ABC Goes to Disney World" commentary.
  • Creator Breakdown: He's considered his jokes about Olivia Wilde to be because of his then-recent divorce.
    • He was constantly stressed out over the questions on all his social media for the fourth season, To the point that he made a video on how he was sick of people asking for it and gave an explanation why it takes so long to make videos.
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  • Doing It for the Art: The guy goes straight to Disneyland to film his stuff, even for cameos that don't last longer than a minute.
  • DVD Commentary: Or rather, online commentaries. invoked
    • The first commentary was on his "Season One Outtakes" video, and is a random assortment of various songs and other things. It's completely insane.
    • The second commentary was on his Halloween Special and is more of a Gag Dub than the previous one.
    • The third commentary was on his April Fools' Day Walt Disney Family Museum video and is virtually unedited. The only additions are a short introduction by Jerk and a clip of Mexican comedian José Natera in a Devil costume.
    • The fourth commentary was his first actual commentary, on his 3 part EPCOT series.
    • The fifth commentary was on his three-part review of Back to the Future: The Ride.
    • The sixth commentary was on his eight-part ABC retrospective.
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    • The seventh commentary was on his three-part Escape From Tomorrow review.
  • I Am Not Spock: Jerk refers to Becky from Full House as Mystique.
    • Referring to characters as another role the actor played is a running gag, eventually lampshaded when he refers to Aunt Hilda as "insert-other-thing-Caroline-Rhea's-done-here here..."
  • In Memoriam: His review of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues closes with a tribute to his deceased mother, the author Kathi Kamen Goldmark.
    • His review of The Simpsons Ride was dedicated to The Simpsons writer Sam Simon, who had just died around the time of the video's premiere.
    • His vlog for Vacation was dedicated to his deceased grandmother.
    • As a joke, Jerk himself is memorialized at the end of Part 1 of the Haunted Mansion review (seeing as he's stabbed by Count Jackula to use Jerk's life insurance as a down payment for the Haunted Mansion, which Jackula and The Horror Guru want to buy).
  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: After his Heroic BSoD at the end of season two, Jerk gets a visit from The Great Luke Ski.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • Viewers could send in their bad Doc Brown impressions and tag them on Twitter with #ShowMeYourDoc, resulting in them appearing in the third part of his review on Universal Studio's Back To The Future ride.
    • On Twitter, fans could vote for the next episode Tony does a commentary on, the eventual winner(s) being not one, but all of the ABC/Disney World episodes! The second- and third-highest, respectively, were the Escape from Tomorrow and The Country Bears reviews, so there's also a chance they'll get commentaries.
  • Old Shame:
    • The It's A Small World review reveals he regrets a "It's A Small World" song parody he had written years earlier.
      • The review itself is also regretted by Goldmark due to the Black Comedy Rape jokes. When re-uploading the series for Channel Awesome, he considered cutting those segments out but was eventually convinced not to by his Twitter followers. That said, he afterward included a Retcon in the Escape from Tomorrow review suggesting the It's a Small World Ride might not actually be a rapist but was merely depicted as such by Jerk.
    • Per his tweets and the comment page on Channel Awesome, his cracks in the Full House review at Dave Coulier's and John Stamos's failed relationships. While he still considers Dave to be of medium talent, he came to feel that the jokes about them were hurtful and unnecessary. He's also mixed about the joke of Olivia Wilde pestering him for sex.
    • Tony now considers the first three seasons of the show to be "tainted" due to affiliation with Channel Awesome.
    • Despite being proud of his crossover with Nostalgia Critic's review of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (which gave him a lot of followers and subscribers) he regrets it mainly due to the #ChangeTheChannel incident. He even made a twitter thread on how the review was restricted by Doug's questionable Decisions, Terrible and Narsasistic Directions, Lack of Cooperation with him, Lack of research on the movie its self (thinking it was an adaptation of the Micky Mouse short when clearly its an adaptation of the poem), and of who he is in regards of what he does on his series, Confusing him as a prank show instead of a theme park reviewer. He even mocks this in another crossover more then a year later.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Chris Nebergall, a Knott's Berry Farm theme park actor and Some Jerk fan who first appears in "Some Jerk Visits Knott's Berry Farm" as outlaw "Tiny Mayfield" and has since appeared in some One Movie Later vlogs.
    • Tony has said that he was basically The Nostalgia Critic but for theme parks and made several affectionate references to Channel Awesome before he was officially brought on. Then #ChangeTheChannel happened.
  • Schedule Slip: Jerk's videos are real productions, with scenes that are mind-meltingly tough to stage and edit (especially in an amusement park), and Tony is a huge perfectionist about them. As such, the "2 videos a month" rule he had to follow when picked up by Channel Awesome has been...loosely followed, to say the least.
    Jerk: Hey, where are you guys?
    Jackula: Oh, we're back at Castle Jackula.
    Jackula: Well stop making us wait so long between videos! We got shit to do!
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot:
    • Disneyland's ban on toy guns is why Goldmark and gang don't do any gun-related jokes on location anymore.
    • When Roseanne made jokes about Disneyland being a cult, the joke was supposed to be Jerk denying the fact while behind him, hundreds of guests were shown waiting in line. Unfortunately, by the time they shot the joke, there weren't as many people as required (and they were on a time crunch due to Tony living in Los Angeles and not Florida where this was filmed) so instead they went with the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel ominously laughing while Jerk told it to shut up.
  • Throw It In!: Unlike most of his fellow reviewers, Tony's filming style means there are bounds to be more accidental gems due to his genuine lack of control over his environment.
    • The glow on the note in the Family Matters episode was not planned. Upon seeing it however, Goldmark decided to accentuate it by adding a heavenly choir.
    • The camera's pan up at the sun in the Back to the Future episode was the camera operator's idea and had no input from Goldmark.
    • Zach Hurst's appearance in his Pinocchio costume was not for the Escape from Tomorrow episode. He seriously was just cosplaying at MAGfest.
    • During the long dolly shot of Jerk back in Disneyland at the end of the Escape from Tomorrow episode, a garbageman walks by with a trash can in tow. This was purposefully left in due to it showing Disneyland realistically, warts and all.
    • Per Tony's commentary: during a break in filming the EPCOT retrospective, he and Dave Ganssle (who was filming it) sat down at a table near a ride, not noticing which one it was. Dave asked what the next part was going to be, and Tony said they were going to discuss how the park's biggest e-ticket is Soarin'. Dave then told Tony to turn around. As it turned out, they were only a few feet away from Soarin', with a perfect view of the ride's sign. So, right then and there, they got the perfect shot of Jerk standing to reveal the Soarin' sign.
    • The motorcyclist whizzing past in the background as Jerk tried to find the plot of Escape From Tomorrow. Tony kept it in because, as he joked in the commentary, it made it look like he missed a plot while in the process of looking.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • His "ABC Goes To Disney World" retrospective was originally going to be a single video. However, it blossomed into multiple videos that took up the remainder of season 2.
    • In an odd case of coincidence, as a child, Tony was almost an extra among the crowd cheering Flash when he completes his world record break in Step by Step. He and his mom opted not to be a part of it when they learned they would be required to stand around for two hours.
    • His "Escape From Tomorrow" review was to be in black-and-white, much like the film, up until the point where Jerk returns to Disneyland a la The Wizard of Oz, but decided against it because his joke about the actual colors of the rising fountain in the Enchanted Tiki Room wouldn't have fit, and Tony was hesitant to cut the joke out.


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