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Tear Jerker / Roulette Rampage

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     Roulette Rampage: First Session 
  • Oten discovering that his new friend, Kouya Itoutani, was the murderer of Chapter 1.
  • The Chapter 2 Trial and its culprit. Banri Bunko's secret- his Delusional Parasitosis- was the key factor in the first murder. The pure terror that Nagisa had to go through, unaware that Bunko was having one of his fits.. ugh.
  • Kaori admitting that she feels entirely responsible for her boyfriend's fatal car accident. This conversation also marks Kaori's first foray into Character Development.
  • As much as she pissed off her fellow inmates, Nagisa's death was both this and Nightmare Fuel. It's quite an overlooked fact that the whole situation she was faced with happened on a whim, and she really had no real power in fighting back at all.
  • Oten's absolute breakdown during the beginning of Chapter 3, after figuring out that one of his closest friends (and possible crushes) yet again was one of the perpetrators. When he confronts Banri 's Alter Ego, he tries to talk to him, but at the mention of everyone dying at some point or another, Oten breaks so badly that he tries to destroy AE!Banri, all while proclaiming that he won't die in that prison, ever. It's too bad that his claim never followed through...
  • Ryouta's surprise death in the same Chapter. Almost nobody expected the kid to actually die. Even Ai didn't think he was going to kick it.
  • When Ai is discovered as the culprit, she basically tells everyone that the bonds she made during her time in prison were real, and even takes some time reflecting on who she spent time with. She then proceeds to tell the inmates that she decided on killing anyway, because any way she slices it, she was going to get out of prison.
  • Chapter 4 was no walk in the park for anybody either. Monobear exposes a new place to explore— a watchtower— where all the remaining inmates go to discover that they're in the middle of nowhere. Kaori takes this so badly that she breaks down in tears and pushes her dearest friend, Misaki, away. Then she takes it badly, and Kaori locks herself up in her cell for several days.
  • Reading through the excerpts of Banri's journal entries from before Etsuko's intervention reveals a much happier time, showing some of the relationships between inmates as they're going through the Rehabilitation process at the Future Foundation and Banri's personal growth over the past couple of months. He just sounds like he has so much hope for himself...
  • Reading into Atlas' thoughts on himself and his relevance to the story can be somewhat depressing, especially with the brave face he puts on for everyone. He never does grow out of it by the end of the Roleplay.
  • Misaki recalling the incident where she accidentally killed a group of researchers with a genetically modified fruit tree.
  • Considering that she's a huge pain the ass, seeing Ai Senzaki have a brief moment of weakness when Banri tells her that she's just as scared as the rest of them underneath all of her bravado. Poor kid was on the verge of tears saying it too, after the verbal lashing that Senzaki gave him.
  • Figuring out that the entire group (save Estuko) was presumed "At Risk" after participating in SHSL Despair. It makes you kind of wonder what made them At Risk in the first place.
  • The very last post for the roleplay, which just shows the full cast in the elevator to the Trial Room and the slow but gradual disappearance of all those who didn't make it to the end in chronological order.

  • Chapter 2:
    • Tetsuo Shingen's death and all of the fallout that happens afterwards.
    • Antoinette's death in the same Chapter, and the reveal of her Dark Secret- that she had to hide the deaths of her parents after her crash landing on St. Olaf.
      • the worst part of her execution is that she desperately struggled to get out, making her situation worse in the long run, and quietly and sadly accepted her fate as the water rushed in her casket. Such as sad way to go for such a gentle girl.
  • Antoinette's parting words to all of the other inmates. Her last statements to Ozu about regretting her decisions especially hurts, considering she was beginning to fall in love with him...
  • Chapter 4 reveals that The previous session was happening at the same time as this session. This means that two whole groups of kids are dying at the exact same time. And neither group is aware of the other one, or even able to help each other...
  • Jiang-li's incredible guilt after killing Gingie. All she's able to do is apologize over and over again when it comes to his page on the Relationships chart.
  • Reading Ozu's post-game Relationships page gives us a look into the mind of a boy that's pretty much lost his will to live. Many of his final thoughts on the dead inmates are about broken promises and Survivor Guilt especially in Iseri's case. The last notes to his closest friends really take the cake:
    To Antoinette: ..Sorry.. I might not get t’ take ya to St. Olaf after all..
    To Kyo: A-after everythin’ ya said t’ me, why’d ya have t’… fuckin’ throw everythin’ away! Y-ya knew fightin’ th’ bear was gonna get ya killed!.. Is… is that why ya did it..? D-did ya get tired of me..? Of everythin’..? …I’ll tell ya, I can relate t’ that… …I’ll see ya soon, bro..
    To Eiji: Probably would’ve been best in th’ long run if it was me instead of you..


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