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Heartwarming / Roulette Rampage

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Sometimes, Roulette Rampage isn't just high stakes:

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     First Session 
  • You have to admit- after witnessing the first murder of Chapter 1, Nabiki and Ryouta investigating and eating together was pretty darn cute.
  • Banri offering to sit down with Oten after the first Trial, and Oten taking his hands after a long period of silence. He still ends up saying nothing, but he's genuinely relieved that someone would come up to him and comfort him and releases all of his pent up tears.
    Perhaps there was still hope amidst this despair.
  • Post Chapter 2, Boa's Relationship page. She never even got to talk to everyone, but she at least has something positive to say about most of them. This is especially in effect given her usual persona around the inmates.
    • Ai's Relationship page, too. Despite her Jerkass behavior throughout the past three chapters, she still manages to put some positive final thoughts on the surviving inmates. Even Miwa, who showed some pretty hostile animosity towards her, has a good note in her book. And each of the opinions wrap up with a hope for the inmates' escape.
  • Banri and Ai's relationship development in Chapter 2. Banri was the only one of the inmates who cracked her persona, which garnered him some sympathy for her, cruel as she was. This is further evidenced by her quietly apologizing to him as she votes for him as the culprit, and finally culminating in Ai's death post Chapter 3:
    Banri: Saved you a seat.
    Ai: Aw, I knew I could count on you, Bug Boy.
  • Junpei Nakagawa proves himself as The Heart as he comforts Misaki during her breakdown in Chapter 4. What makes this all the more sweet is that, unlike his first attempt at comforting a friend in deep despair, he steels himself and gives her the best speech he can.
    Junpei:…My… my sisters and my brother are out there somewhere, yeah..? And…. I’m scared. I’m so scared that it hurts… And I don’t know much about you, even after all this time, but… but even if there’s nothing you want to get out for, you must at least want to know what happened as a scientist, right…?! And… and I have to teach you to dive, and Kaori-chan said she’d make perfume for us, and it would be way too cruel if Kaname-san never saw the sea again… and a lot of other things! So… so don’t say there’s nothing out there for us, because there must be…! I promised Fujikawa-san that I’d protect everyone no matter what it took, and… and I couldn't do that last time, but from now on I’m going to do anything, anything, and……And I don’t… I don’t want to believe we’re totally helpless. There must be something we can do, something we've missed… I don’t want anybody else to die. I don’t want to let anybody else die.
  • Kaori's apology to Misaki in Chapter 4 after her outburst. Misaki then proceeds to give off a most adorable and absolutely genuine smile afterwards.
  • Reading Banri's journal entries from three years ago are a little heartwarming in of themselves. As it turns out, he'd been getting therapy for his illness, and had become confident enough to confide in his friends (and eventually to his crush), and considers them all to be like family to him. It's just too bad that that happiness couldn't last, thanks to Etsuko.
    • Heartwarming in Hindsight: The fact that Kouya was able to make friends with Banri— and even Oten during the first Chapter— during this time is especially good, since we've figured out that he didn't have friends before coming to Hope's Peak.
  • Nabiki and Ai's friendship shows that even the most brash of people can have a loved one. Seeing Ai be legitimately happy for once and enjoying someone else's company really takes the cake.
  • Kaori and Atlas' interactions during the Chapters past Ch. 1. Their dorky attitudes towards each other aren't helping matters.

  • Kyo and Ozu interacting during Chapter 2. Ozu really opening up and apologizing for his Jerkass facade after Kyo admits that he loves all of his fellow inmates and the fact that Kyo really did get him a pair of headphones like his own take the cake.
  • The Beach Episode, just a little bit. Terumi interacting with Ozu made her seem like not much of a Jerkass than she initially appeared to be.
  • Tetsuo's Relationship page post-mortem. His positive disposition is not only welcome after the tragedy of Chapter 2, but he has something nice to say about everyone, and even confesses to himself that he really was in love with Nana. And at the very end, his final words to his fellow inmates are encouraging and hopeful, especially considering Kiyoyuki takes up his sword later on:
    “I suppose it’s my time to go, huh? Heh, I guess I’ll leave the rest to you all. Escape for me… and don’t accept anything but victory! I know you all can do it!”
  • A bit morbid, but Kiyoyuki impersonating the dead Kyo Otonomiya in order to help Ozu out of his funk. Crossed over into Funny Moments as well, since he even recognizes that he uses the often large, confusing words that Otonomiya used to say.
  • Ozu's promise to Tetsuo post-game to become a damned fine deputy. He's come a long way from the hedonistic ass he was in the beginning.
  • The epilogue picks up where the first game left off— with the first game's survivors opening the door, only to find and confirm that Reloaded's survivors were on the other side. They were positively elated to come together.


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