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Nightmare Fuel / Roulette Rampage

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Just like its inspiration, Roulette Rampage is no slouch when it comes to scary and nightmare inducing content.

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     First Session 
  • Let's start off with the executions:
    • The first execution, "Bunraku Reality", has Kouya strung up like a puppet and jerked around an over sized puppet stage the color of his glasses. Then, the corpse of his victim, Masato Masumoto, approaches him and stabs him in the left and right arms with a spear. The stage starts to crumble beneath them and the Monobears let go of their strings. Kouya is left lying in the rubble of the stage when Masato's body falls on top of him with more debris, sending the spear through his skull and crushing him under the rubble.
    • The second execution, "Ex-Terminator", puts Banri in a white room with many mini Monobears rushing out to attack him. Banri's then forced to evade them, swatting them and batting them until he starts to crack under despair. The Monobear swarm increases until he can no longer fend them off, and they crawl all over him, frightening him and triggering his hallucinations. A giant Monobear wearing exterminator gear comes into the room with a can of poison, aimed to kill.... and then steps on him, leaving a bloody mess on the floor. At least it was instant...
    • The third execution, "Parcel Passing". Ai was to take part in a photo shoot with Monobears as the photographer and helpers, and immediately set to work. As the shoot went on, the Monobears took pictures more and more quickly and packages-actually ticking time bombs- addressed to Ai were thrown nearby. The space around her decreases as more packages are sent over, and eventually her body becomes so exhausted she has to stand to rest, which left her susceptible to the bright light of the camera. By the time she regains her eyesight, the Monobears have gone, and the packages's ticking reaches its peak. A mono-delivery truck comes in and crashes into Senzaki, sending her directly into the path of the exploding packages.
    • The fourth execution, "A Nautical Nightmare". At first, Nabiki is chained to the steering wheel of a ship with only her left hand free to pivot. She realizes that she has to steer the ship, and quickly, because they're approaching rough waters and a storm lies up ahead. Using her navigational skills, she's able to lead the boat out of the danger zone... but she's not able to enjoy this for long, as a Monobear-shaped iceberg appears on the sea and crashes into the boat. Monobears dressed as women and children are escaping, and while Nabiki attempts to do the same and eventually breaks free of the wheel, she's left to higher ground on the sinking boat. She starts to freeze in the frigid air until someone- no, something comes to find her... a mechanical shark, which proceeds to eat her whole.
    • And last but not least, the fifth execution, "Fallen Pray", belonging to SHSL Nun Etsuko Reiki. At first she gets pelted with rotten fruit by Monobears dressed as children, but then bombs get put into the mix, and she's chased to an enormous black and white cross where she gets nailed by the hands and feet. For added effect, her neck is nailed down as well, and bombs go off at the feet of the cross as she's struggling for breath.
  • Oten Kouei in general is unsettling. From his eerily pale skin to his Unsmile to his Knight Templar attitude, he's quite the freaky character to have in a Killing Game.
  • The second murder of Chapter 2, anyone? Nagisa Iwase was hit in the back by a sewing machine repeatedly until she was paralyzed from the waist down, then tied to a bed in the nurse's office with bleach poured all over her. The thing that kills her? While she's struggling and screaming (well, her mouth's been taped shut), her killer injects a lethal dose of potassium into her side, and she can do nothing but watch until her heart stops. The face she's stuck with when the other inmates discover her body will send shivers down your spine.
  • Chapter 3's surprise murder, Ryouta Akagi. Monobear just pumps bullet after bullet into the poor kid, and all for not paying for a pack of candy. By the time Ai discovers him near the entrance of the Monoshoppe, the kid's a barely recognizable pulp of flesh. God…
  • Etsuko's presumed death. All one is able to make out is her, kneeling over a baptism pool with her face in the water, surrounded by blood. That's gotta be a bad way to go.
    • Same Chapter, different person— Oten Kouei, who was beaten over the head by Junpei and knocked unconscious, then dragged in a body bag to the pool to be drowned.
  • Banri's illness is paranoia incarnate. Just imagine being unable to control seeing insects everywhere you go, on anything you look at. And the fact that he kills Iwase because he thinks there are bugs inside of her as well when he's not in his right mind is chilling.
  • How about Oten and his hysterical anger towards Banri post-mortem? While none of it is entirely unfounded, given that Banri did kill two people and threw three more under the bus to save his own skin, but the sheer anger and immediate change of sympathy is frightening.
    • When Banri and Oten had the chance to talk to each other during Chapter 3's (Ab)Normal Days thanks to the Alter Ego technology, Banri more or less tries to make him realize that he's just as susceptible to dying as he was in the previous Chapter. Oten's response? To take the digital pad Banri's AE is housed in and try to dismantle it, proclaiming hysterically that he won't die in that prison, ever. The looks on Banri's face as this happens do not help matters.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 4, Monobear decides to open up a new part of the prison! And better yet, it's a watchtower! Good news, right? Well... When the kids assemble on top of the Watchtower, they see that the prison is completely empty, with the surrounding are essentially a wasteland. Not to mention that they couldn't escape the prison even if they tried, because a huge barrier envelops it.
  • Etsuko's Relationships page after The Reveal. Everything bad or good that she's ever said about the other inmates is crossed out and replaced with repeated cries of "SINNER" in blood red letters. It just goes to show you how scary she is when her true colors come out.

  • The first execution is pretty brutal. Ito is placed in a pixellated environment where Monobears start shooting at them. Usami clones start taking most of the hits for them, but they're shot down. And as Ito moves through the environment the combination of Monobear's constant unnerving laughter and the hopelessness of the situation start chipping away at their resolve until they gets shot in the leg. The area burns around her, and they start to lose all hope until a helicopter comes to their rescue... and then is promptly shot down by Monobear, crashing right above their head. The only thing that's left to see of them is a burnt, crispy hand underneath the wreckage.
  • Jang-Li's execution, "Hair Die", starts with her wandering through a dark forest before facing a large Monobear spider hybrid. She tries to run away from it, but gets caught in a web of hair instead. The hybrid comes back, tangling her in the thick strands and completely covering her and finally just takes a big bite out of her with its fangs. The execution ends on the hair-covered corpse with blood leaking out of the cocoon. Enough to make any claustrophobic reader want to shiver.
  • The second execution is this for anyone with claustrophobia. Antoinette is put into a glass casket, moved into a church in order to expose her to blazing temperatures, and then sent off to the ocean to drown. As all of this is happening, she tries to pry open the casket for oxygen, and only succeeds in budging it a little... making her situation worse since the ocean water now has access to the inside of the casket. All she could do in the end is pray until the last air bubbles popped.
  • The Mastermind's execution isn't very flashy, but brutal nonetheless. Sumiko is trust into a classroom where she's surrounded by Monobears wearing the items of the deceased inmates, and then gets injected with a knockout drug. After this, the Monobear representing Tetsuo signals the others into an all out attack on Sumiko, where she's beaten into a bloody pulp. She doesn't even get the luxury of dying a quick death, and she lays on the ground, slowly bleeding before mocking her fellow inmates with one single word on her dying breath: "Success".
  • The game show wheel in the second Chapter gives the inmates the option to sin for learning their fellow man's secrets, or to get a chance of hitting the "LEAVE" notch on the wheel. Terumi is the only one of the spinners to hit that notch... which led to her being dropped into a spiked pit. She manages to climb up the pit in the nick of time, but the look on her face when she throws herself back up to the top says it all.
  • Gingie becoming Laughing Mad after Tetsuo's death. It's such a large jump from the boy he usually is that it's highly disturbing.
  • Usually, even during an execution, Monobear wouldn't even dream of touching his victims. What sets him apart from the other session is that he can get as dirty and gritty as he wants to, especially if given the slightest excuse. This is prominent in Chapter 4, where he 's able to beat the living snot out of Kyo, literally, because he decided to defy Monobear and charge at him.
  • The state of Jiang-li's blog after her death. Unlike most blogs which simply turn to more somber grey tones, hers has signs of glitching out. The header's messed up, the visuals are black and red, and the Relationships page looks out of place. Even more telling is that any emotions on Sumiko can't be "accessed" by viewers, instead leading to an error message.


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