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Tear Jerker / Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages. You Have Been Warned.

  • Oh god, the entire ending:
    • Aurora's final plea to the Azran revives her companions and Bronev, but now having served her purpose, she fades away as Luke looks at her with tears streaming down his face.
      • Aurora's helplessness in general in that scene, as she has to watch as her best friends die in front of her. She couldn't even sacrifice herself in the stead of any of them, because she was physically barred from blocking the lights.
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    • With her mission to Targent complete, Emmy leaves Layton, saying her thanks and even putting in a good word for Luke. She calmly walks to the door... and then turns around to give Layton one last hug.
      • Actually, everything about Emmy's betraying Layton and Luke is heartwrenching.You can tell that she's full of regret, and she's even trying not to cry during The Reveal. It's also heavily implied, if not outright stated, that she chose to assist her uncle because she disliked watching him turn into a villain more than because she actually agreed with Targent's methods.
  • Descole:
    • Descole's death. Many of us guessed it was coming, but no one expected him to basically kill himself. At least he died in the ruins that he was so passionate about, but that doesn't soften the blow... And then he's shown to be fine about ten minutes later. Not quite so sad, but it gave several of us minor heart attacks.
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    • Descole giving up his real name, Hershel, for his younger brother, Theodore, so that the younger could be Happily Adopted. Then there's the fact that the Laytons couldn't take the both of them.
      • Fridge Horror kicks in here: Descole claims he's going to be looked after another family in the village. Their name? Phibbs. As in fibs. He's lying, and more than likely grew up alone.
      • The fate of the Bronev family is one big damn tragedy in and of itself. Leon's research led him and his wife to be kidnapped by a then-smaller Targent, and after his wife, Rachel, died, Leon became obsessed with unlocking the Azran legacy no matter the cost. His son Hershel later became his greatest adversary to take back what he lost, growing almost, if equally as obsessive as his father. Theodore, or Hershel Layton would have a happier time in Stansbury and London, though his new life wasn't exactly a basket of roses either.
  • the end credits music, specifically the JP version, pretty much signifying that we will likely never see Layton again outside of any possible crossover appearances. It gets more meta when Layton 7 is confirmed with no sign of any of the original cast. Furthermore, this game has been all but disconfirmed at this point, so the series has pretty much ended here. Just let that all sink in as you listen to the music. God, it's heart wrenching.
    • Woah, my bad, turns out Layton 7 is actually coming out this summer, at the time of writing, but it seems only on iOS.


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