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Headscratchers / Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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  • So is Emmy really Layton's cousin?
    • No. She says that Bronev wasn't really her uncle, but he was as good as such.
  • I have questions on a lot of things surrounding the adoption, but especially why it was so important for "Hershel" to become the younger brother's name. Did I miss something? Were the Laytons supposed to adopt a boy named Hershel and the current Hershel decided his brother needed a family more than he did? If so, did they seriously not know anything else about this boy they were going to be bringing into their lives, like his age, or his brother's age or name, and why did the person who "arranged" the adoption prioritize the one who proved to be able to take care of himself over the one who was too young even to remember that he used to have a brother or a different first name?
    • Or who the heck organized this adoption? Was a legal one? Arranged on the side by Targent? If it was a legal one, via the state, why weren't the boys placed together, like in real life (where they make every effort to place siblings together when appropriate)? Why weren't they put in a foster home or state run foster home temporarily while they found possible adoptive parents? There's no way any state would let two young children live alone together, with no adult supervision in a big house. Descole is no way over the age of 16 in those flashbacks, where, in the UK at least, he could be allowed to start living alone, if he could prove he could look after himself, and even then there's no way they'd allow him to look after his apparently much younger sibling too. And who informed the authorities there were two children living at home alone, with no parents? Targent?
      • Since their family was now on the bad side of a cult, the brothers were probably separated for safety reasons, witness protection style. I think the implication for the name switch is that Descole was going to be adopted by the Laytons, but had decided he was going to dedicate his life to getting back at Targent. He wouldn't be able to do that in Stansbury, so he switched places with his brother. Also we don't know if the two were living alone, they may have just been gathering up their things from their old house.
      • Sure, that could be, but it still doesn't explain what was going to happen to Theodore (later Hershel Layton), especially as Hershel (later Descole) ended up on his own, or why the Laytons knew so little about either of them beforehand, or what kind of serious trickery Hershel/Descole had to pull to keep whoever set it all up from finding out about what he'd done.
  • It's cool that Layton and Descole are brothers, but why does Descole put his brother through so much trouble? In Eternal Diva Descole almost killed Layton and had no qualms with using a real sword against him. Also, it was probably stated somewhere in the game, but I still don't get why Descole needs to find the Azran ruins and legacies. How is that suppose to help him take revenge on Targent for kidnapping his parents?
    • Near the end of the game, Descole states that doesn't much care for the Azran Legacy at all. Seeing as how obsessed Bronev is with the Azran civilization, Descole probably believed that stealing or destroying would be the perfect revenge. Destroy the very object that the man had sacrificed everything to try and obtain.

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