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Nightmare Fuel / Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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  • Boy howdy, where do we start?
    • Imagine being very young, and a bunch of military-esque people suddenly show up at your door, taking away your parents — for the sole "crime" of knowing too much about an ancient civilization.
    • Imagine your own father, hellbent on destruction, turned from a loving and decent man into a twisted figure, who ignores your warnings of impending peril.
      • Then, after all of that, he murdered your wife and child to try to get you to join him.
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    • How coldly and dispassionately Bronev tells Aurora to get into the cage thing — and then that moment when he stabs her. She's fine, being a golem, but damn.
    • There's also the in-universe Nightmare Fuel for Layton when Bronev threatens the people who raised him. It's only through Sycamore's intervention that Layton is snapped out of his panic — which Layton actually admits to Sycamore. For all his calm and stiff upper-lip, there are more than a few holes in the Professor's armour.
    • Also, the in-universe Nightmare Fuel for Luke when Emmy threatens him.
    • Layton, Luke, Emmy, Descole, and Brunev screaming in absolute agony as they block the lights from activating the golems. And all of them just fall over dead, immediately after! All while Aurora has to watch the people she's been traveling with and care about die in an incredibly painful way, and she has no way of saving them.
      • You can watch your heart being ripped in thousands of bits here

  • Okay, so we know that Pre-name swap Hershel gave his name to Theodore to make sure he got adopted instead. The Laytons comiserrate the fact they can only take one child. If Hershel hadn't given away his name, he would have left with the Laytons that day, leaving Theodore, a child of surely only about 6, alone.
    • This makes you wonder what the hell child services was thinking as they obviously know both kids exist, but only take one? Then think back to "Last Specter" in which a very similar situation happened, leaving two kids living on their own in a large mansion scavenging for food. That world may be more crapsack than we thought


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