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Tear Jerker / Jaws

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  • The disappearance and likely death of the dog. Extra hard if you're an animal lover.
  • Mrs. Kintner's confrontation with Brody over keeping the beaches open after Chrissie's death, resulting in her son being killed.
    • On that note, Alex Kintner's death. If the image of the poor child screaming in a torrent of his own blood doesn't do it, the sight of his bloodied, shredded raft pitifully washing to shore will.
    • Brody's reaction to Mrs. Kintner's words. It's clear he's utterly wracked with guilt for not closing the beaches after the first attack:
      Mayor Vaughn: I'm sorry, Martin. She's wrong.
      Chief Brody: No, she's not.
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  • Chrissie's anguished screams of "God, help me!" and "I don't wanna die!" can get pretty wrenching.
  • The death of Captain Quint. Godspeed, you salty old sailor.
  • Quint and Brody's mutual reaction when they see the mangled cage and assume Hooper is dead. For all their clashes it's clear that they'd come to respect him very much.
  • Sean bawling his eyes out in fright when Micheal's in danger at the beach. Shows how much he loves his older brother (and could also be viewed as eerie Foreshadowing of the events of Jaws: The Revenge).
  • On a meta level, the fact that nearly all shark species are now endangered or threatened by genocide thanks in part to the success of the film and it defining the Threatening Shark trope in mass media. They are, after all, not evil or malevolent, they're just large predatory animals, and a shark attack is less likely to kill you than falling off a toilet. In addition, this gave Peter Benchley a real-life My God, What Have I Done? and spent his whole life trying to undo the damage. As much as the film was a success, you gotta feel sorry on the story creator for what transpired.
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  • Another meta example is that legendary actor Robert Duvall was responsible for encouraging Steven Spielberg to make this film that would bring him on the map as a hit and Duvall was considered for the roles of either Brody or Quint, then decades later Duvall would heart-wrenchingly turn against Steven by being outraged at Spielberg's visit with Fidel Castro and his praising of the Cuban dictator, prompting the veteran actor to vow to never work on Spielberg's projects ever again after appearing his DreamWorks movie Deep Impact.

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