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Heartwarming / Jaws

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  • "Show me the way to go home..."
  • After the second shark attack, Heroic Bystander is in full mode: parents run into the water to rescue their kids and pull anyone out.
  • Michael's friends pull him out of the water when he goes into shock. They could have left him but turned around to save him.
  • Martin is relieved his son doesn't have a scratch on him and wraps him in a beach blanket. He's still chief, but he's also a dad.
  • The scene with Brody and his youngest son Sean at the dinner table.
  • Quint giving Brody and Hooper the only two life jackets on his boat knowing it's sinking. He said he wasn't gonna wear a life jacket again, but that didn't mean the other two had to die with him.
  • At one point Brody accidentally pulls on the wrong rope and causes Hooper's tanks to tumble to the deck. Hooper, stressed, yells at Brody but Quint sends him away... and then quietly tells Brody that, if he is ever unsure about what to do, just ask him. It shows that while he is gruff Quint has come to like Brody and isn't just a raging drunken bastard. The very next scene shows Quint teaching Brody how to tie a knot. While he does laugh when Brody messes up, it isn't cruel and it is clear that Brody doesn't feel picked on.
    • While he is rude and vulgar and mean with almost everyone else he almost always is just, at worse, gruff with Brody. He clearly sees that Brody might be the only sane person on the island and he never goes out of his way to mock him.
      • Quint makes clear that he dislikes the rich and people who don't work hard, which is why he busts Hooper's chops. But he knows that Brody is a hard working cop just trying to get by and thus relates to him, so what mockery he does give (such as teasing Brody about "Bringing his rubbers") comes off more like a pal ribbing on a friend.
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    • When they are first discussing the hunt with Quint he tries to convince Brody to just let him do it on his own. This comes off as him not wanting Hooper aboard but it can also be seen as Quint, knowing Brody is afraid of water and also knowing just how dangerous things are about to get, trying to gently give Brody an out. And when he doesn't he accepts, respecting that the chief is going to go with him despite his fear.
  • When every single one of his attempts to kill the shark ends up failing and stranding himself as well as Hooper and Brody on a sinking boat with the shark closing in for the kill, Quint swallows his pride and turns to Hooper for advice.
    • Even better is the silent admiration and respect that Hooper has gained from Quint as the former suits up to face the shark with nothing but a glorified spear and a "protective" cage.
  • An understated moment: as Hooper descends in the cage, Brody gently taps his head to remind him to take off his glasses. He looks almost paternally concerned as Hooper goes down.
  • When Brody and Hooper reunite after the shark's death, they share a good laugh and then Hooper asks Brody about Quint. When he gets a solemn "No" for an answer, Matt is visibly shaken and saddened. It's pretty obvious he had come to appreciate the good ol' Captain.
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  • Generally the ending of the movie. We see Brody and Hooper swim back to shore on their makeshift flotation device, all the while the happy part of the movie's theme song plays. The movie closes on them safely reaching the shores of Amity, no doubt about to share the good news with the townsfolk. It's the relaxing sense that after everything that's transpired, everyone will be at peace.

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