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Tear Jerker / EQuestria Girls Marvel Universe

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Equestria Girls/Spider-Man Book 1: Amazing

  • As seen in the first "Flashback" chapter, Flash still feels guilty over acting like a jerk to Princess Twilight and everyone else during the Battle of the Bands, due to being under the Siren's spell.
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  • During the first interlude chapter, Sci-Twi explains the reason why she doesn't want to try dating Flash is because he is her very first friend and Thorax is her second, and she doesn't want to risk ruining her friendship with either of them by dating one of them. She is afraid that if anything goes wrong it will screw up their friendship, and Thorax might not want to be her friend anymore either, out of fear of betraying Flash, and she will go back to being a social-outcast facing "soul-crushing loneliness". Princess Twilight herself understands how she feels, comparing that feeling to when Discord turned her friends into their opposites, noting how accurate the description of "soul-crushing loneliness" is.
  • Flash and Thorax discover Scootaloo at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, and she explains she is there because of her mother locking her out of the house due to being away. Flash and Thorax can tell there is more to the story than she says, even when she says there isn't.
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  • Norman Osborn trying to save his son Harry from the same disease that killed his wife. He is so desperate to save his son he is even willing to make a deal with Abacus Cinch, someone he hates.
  • When Flash, Sci-Twi, Thorax, and the Rainbooms deliver the remaining cupcakes from Pinkie's ruined party to the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, Rainbow Dash finds Scootaloo there with a big bruise over her right eye. When Rainbow asks what happened Scootaloo can only break down crying.
    • After Scootaloo is adopted by Rainbow's parents and her mother is arrested, she says how despite all the abuse she suffered she still remembers when her mom was nicer and actually was a good mom. But then her dad left and everything changed for the worse, and she felt like despite the abuse her mom was still her only family she had left.
  • The death of Uncle Ben. Even if it was a Foregone Conclusion for any fan, it still hurts to see it happen, especially when Flash breaks down afterwards and says how it was all his fault. The narration in Flash's journal really sells it the most.
    My Uncle was dead because of me.
    My Aunt was a sobbing mess because of me.
    My Aunt was a widow because of me.
    All of this... all of it was because of me.
    Because of me.
    Because of me.
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  • When Sunset helps Flash get over his depression over his uncle's death, she reveals how when she was at the lowest after the Fall Formal and pushed everyone away she tried to kill herself just to end it all. Luckily, Pinkie and Fluttershy somehow found out what she was going to do, broke down her door, and saved her before she could go too far. Though, she still has scars on her right wrist from the incident, showing that she'll always have the reminder of what she almost did.
  • The reveal that Sci-Twi's parents are dead. In an otherwise heartwarming and funny chapter where Flash and Sci-Twi have their first date it really stands out. Sci-Twi asks to stop by the flower shop after they are done with their pizza, and the next scene shows the two of them at a graveyard. Flash already put it together that her parents were dead before then but didn't say anything out of respect. Flash is curious on how they died but knows from experience it is difficult to talk about and just says he is there for Twi if she ever wants to talk about it.
  • When Spike's new friends, Sandbar and Gallus, find out he is a mutant, he fully expects them to start calling him a freak and for Sanbar to tell him to get the hell out of his house. He is actually surprised when they accept him, saying he shouldn't be treated like a freak just because he can do things that others can't. Though when Sandbar says he'll need to avoid telling his mom the truth about Spike, Spike understands that she would forbid him from seeing him again, saying he has gotten use to that kind of treatment. Gallus and Sandbar say he shouldn't be used to it though, because he doesn't deserve it just for being different.


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