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Equestria Girls/Spider-Man Book 1: Amazing

  • Flash as Spider-Man seems to have a close partnership with Shining Armor, similar to what Peter had with Yuri in the PS4 game.
  • Flash meeting Sci-Twi's family. His Aunt May met Cadance earlier that day, becoming quick friends and was invited over for dinner. Once Flash arrives he quickly meets with Spike and Cadance. Aunt May and Cadance even agree they think he and Sci-Twi would make a cute couple.
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  • Flash meeting Sci-Twi for the first time in his civilian identity. He helps her with her drone, noticing why she was having trouble with it, and trusts her enough to reveal he's Spider-Man to her after her drone scans him, rather than try to lie his way out of it. When Sci-Twi starts asking him questions about his powers and why he became Spider-Man, he explains why to her, even though he still blames himself for what happened.
  • After Spider-Man saves Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie from some robber during a bank robbery, they all become huge fans of his and talk about him non-stop to the point of making a blog about him. The aptly named the Spidey-Blog, is filled with some amateur pictures and videos of Spider-Man in action, as well as comments filled with support towards him. Even a few students from CHS and the Middle School leave a few comments, like Dinky Doo saying he is the best hero ever, or others like Lyra and Octavia defending him from Jameson's slander and recognizing him as a hero.
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  • Flash's reason for entering the wrestling match after discovering his powers is much more selfless than in other versions of Spider-Man's origin. Instead of wanting a way to get rich quick or feel good about himself after being bullied his whole life, he wanted to win the money to help his Aunt May and Uncle Ben pay their bills and to repay them for always giving him money for his science projects. He even mentions Uncle Ben's words of wisdom, "with great power there must also come great responsibility", reasoning that there is no great responsibility than your family. True, he didn't fully understand the meaning of those words until later, but he still had good intentions and wanted to do the right thing.
  • Flash introduces Sci-Twi to the Rainbooms and Princess Twilight after explaining how they met to everyone and how she was researching the magic around CHS. Their meeting goes much better than it originally did in canon thanks to avoiding the initial misunderstandings, and Sci-Twi is able to get a few answers to her questions about the magic and ensuring she won't be as reckless with magic this time as she initially was in canon.
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  • Norman Osborn desperately trying to save his son Harry from the mysterious disease he is infected with, the same one that killed Harry's mother. He is even willing to make a deal with someone he despises like Abacus Cinch if it gives him the best chance to save his son.
  • While on patrol as Spider-Man, Flash stops at one point to help get a little girl's kitten down from a tree. Sometimes it is the little things that make him a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
  • Pinkie Pie throws a party to thank Spider-Man for all his heroic deed in Central Park. After the party is trashed by Rhino though, Pinkie and her friends make the most of it by taking the surviving cupcakes to the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter.
  • As soon as Rainbow Dash finds Scootaloo at the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter with a big bruise over her eye, she makes sure Scootaloo tells her everything she went through, and brings her home with her to keep her safe. Shortly afterwards, Scootaloo's mom is arrested for child abuse and neglect and Rainbow's parents waste no time in adopting Scootaloo themselves.
    • Rainbow's parents in general really shine and show just how much of Good Parents they are. Although they are still embarrassing Rainbow still appreciates all that they do for her. Rainbow Dash tells her family isn't just about blood relations, but the love people have for each other, and it is clear Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles have plenty of love to spare.
      A family of rainbows and one scooter.
  • The flashback after Uncle Ben's death shows that the one who finally snapped Flash out of his Heroic BSoD was actually his ex-girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer.
  • Nearly all of Flash and Sci-Twi's first date together:
    • Sunset finally manages to give them the push they need to go out, tricking them both into admitting they don't have plans for the night and leaving them to themselves. Flash actually says that Sunset has played matchmaker with a few other students in CHS too, like helping Lyra get with Bon Bon, and Octavia with Vinyl.
    • Despite his normal bad luck, there is no need for Flash to suit up and cut the date short at all. He and Sci-Twi manage to go see a movie together and grab some pizza afterwards without any problems.
    • After seeing their movie together, Flash gives Sci-Twi his jacket when she says it is starting to get cold outside.
    • When they stop by a graveyard so Sci-Twi can talk to her dead parents, Flash assures her she doesn't need to tell him how they died since he knows what it feels like, but he'll be there if she ever wants to talk about it.
    • After Flash gets Sci-Twi back home before curfew and they agree they should go for another date next week. Much to Flash's surprise Sci-Twi kisses him, which he quickly returns. She admits afterwards that it was her first one.
    • While Flash is heading home, he gets a call from Sci-Twi, asking him if they are boyfriend and girlfriend now since they kissed. Flash says that depends on if she wants them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and she almost immediately says yes.
  • When Spider-Man arrives at Empire State University to investigate a lead on Doctor Connors, he and Sci-Twi both start to geek out about how it is their dream school and chat about their future majors and careers before Thorax gets them to focus.
  • Cadance reveals to Shining that she is pregnant, and he is so excited he picks her up bridal-style and spins her around while they both happily cheer that they are going to be parents.
  • Sandbar and Gallus both accept Spike after they find out he is a mutant, much to his surprise. They don't care if he is different or that he can do things others can't, they just think it is awesome and that he is still their friend. They also say he shouldn't have to be used to others calling him a freak or avoiding him because he is different.
  • When Miles explains how he got his powers and why he started fighting crime, he says that originally he was afraid of what might happen if others found out about them and tried to keep pretending to be normal. But one day he saw a woman and some kids being harassed by some thugs and he immediately jumped in to save them. After beating them all with his powers, the kids tackled him in hugs and called him their hero. This made him remember what his dad told him about being able to help people, and how he wanted to do something to keep everyone safe from the kind of threats Spider-Man faces.
  • Miles quickly ends up befriending Wallflower Blush on his first day at CHS. She is surprised when he actually notices her but is happy to make a friend at last and not be "invisible" after all. Thanks to him she also ends up befriending Flash and Thorax in the same day.


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