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Equestria Girls/Spider-Man Book 1: Amazing

  • The opening scene of Spider-Man stopping some criminals in stolen bank truck.
  • Spider-Man defeats Shocker by using his Electric Webs to overload and short out his gauntlets.
  • Flash shows how smart he is by quickly getting through his homework for the night despite his time as Spider-Man, and later helps Sci-Twi with her drone when he notices she has the voltage too high on it and replaces the damaged components for her.
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  • Sci-Twi's drone, a homemade scanner, quickly scans Flash once it becomes active and detects an anomaly in his genetic structure. Flash, rather than try to make up a lie, decides to just reveal he's Spider-Man to Sci-Twi, knowing he can trust her.
  • Team Spider spends most of their first official day together hooking up to all the NYPD towers around the city so they can track the stolen energy cores. Once they have them all hooked up though, Spider-man gets a little action in when he stops some criminals from robbing a bank and saves the hostages, which include, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Pinkie. He manages to disarm and disable eight of them without even being noticed, until the last one has time to warn the others. Despite that though he simply jumps into the air and rains down a barrage of Web Shots and Impact Webs before they can get a single shot off at him.
  • Like the famous scene from Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man manages to stop an out of control train that Vulture tries to crash into Oscorp HQ. He also has enough left to take out Vulture afterwards, leading him away from the train, and tearing his flight harness apart before removing the energy core.
  • Scorpion poisons Spider-Man with his tail, but Flash manages to escape by stunning him with an Electric Web and fights through the pain long enough to get back to base so Thorax and Sci-Twi can make a cure for him.
  • Spider-Man and Scorpion's rematch:
    • Thorax hacks into the warehouse they are fighting, and enters a program that causes the lights to explode in a giant blinding flash, which blinds Scorpion due to him looking right at them. While he's distracted, Spider-Man tears the tail right off his suit.
    • Even with his suit damaged, Gargan doesn't back down and simply takes off the rest of his suit and proceeds to throw down the gauntlet.
      Scorpion: I don't need that suit to kick your ass. What about you? You anything without your fancy gadgets?
      (Spider-Man takes off his web shooters and gives a 'come hither' gesture)
      Spider-Man: Let's find out.
    • Scorpion gets the upper hand during their clash, managing to slam Spider-Man down and begins to choke him out. But he makes the mistake of threatening that once he kills Spider-Man, he'll find out who he really is and hunt down all his friends and family so he can kill them too. Spider-Man responds by slamming his leg between Scorpion's legs before proceeding to attack him relentlessly, breaking his jaw, nose, several ribs, and an arm before punching him out.
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  • Spider-Man discovers that Cinch is Bishop from an exhausted and dehydrated Rhino, in a scene similar to one from The Spectacular Spider-Man. However, unlike Peter in the same scenario, rather than directly confronting Cinch, due to having no actual proof beyond Rhino's word, Flash leaves Cinch a warning on her car that he knows who she really is and what she has done, and she has one chance to turn herself in peacefully and confess her crimes before he takes her down the hard way. Cinch simply decides to step up her time-table and drives off, unaware of the Spider-Tracer under her car, tracking her movements. It really feels like a successful victory for Team Spider, with Spider-Man managing to outplay the Big Bad, and avoid an embarrassing Curb-Stomp Battle that Peter faced in the same situation for rushing in and underestimating his enemy.
  • As soon as Rainbow Dash and the others learn about how Scootaloo's mother is abusing her, Rainbow takes Scootaloo home with her to keep her safe. Shortly afterwards, Scootaloo's mother is arrested for her abuse and neglect of her child, a few D.U.I.s, and for assaulting the officer who was sent to bring her in. She will be spending up to and including ten years at Rykers Island. Laser-Guided Karma at its finest.
  • The reveal that Spike is actually a mutant. Unlike the others who are caught in The Lizard's gas, he doesn't start mutating. When Lizard questions how this could be, Spider-man arrives just in time to save him and his friends Sandbar and Gallus. Spike reveals to his friends in private how he is a mutant, and the two instantly accept him.
  • Miles Morales meets Flash Sentry at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter where they discover each other's identities, Miles shares his origin with Flash quick, and Flash makes him the newest member of Team Spider to help him control his abilities better and help them protect New York.
  • Smilier to a conversation from the PS4 game, Flash explains how he needs to do several complex equations in his head while he is web-swinging and Miles is going to need to do the same thing.
  • The small prank war arc between Flash and the Rainbooms.
    • After Flash blasts an airhorn at Sunset over the phone as payback for her stunt setting up him and Sci-Twi, she enlists help from the rest of her friends (except Fluttershy) to get back at him. He ends up walking right into the prank since Pinkie set it up, and apparently her pranks are just as immune to his spider-sense as she is.
    • Sci-Twi suggests Flash use Paranoia Fuel to get back at them, prank them all one at a time to let them panic and not know who will be next. What follow is Flash getting back at the six who pranked him in clever and unique ways.
      • Pinkie is blasted with raspberry jam from the particular sink in the particular bathroom she uses a la IT. Flash even admits it was him upfront and explains his plan just to get them all paranoid.
      • Applejack opens her locker, and is immediately buried in a large pile of avalanche of Red Delicious.
      • Sci-Twi creates a special shampoo to turn Rarity's hair green for an hour, and Flash gets Wallflower Blush to put it in place in the girl's locker room.
      • Flash covers the soccer field with breadcrumbs, which attract a large number of pigeons just as Rainbow goes out to the field to practice. The result is the classic Bird-Poop Gag taken Up to Eleven.
      • Finally, when Sunset tries to hide from Flash to avoid being pranked, she has Pinkie deliver her her lunch to the Music Room for her. Only for it to be revealed that Pinkie is Flash's prank on Sunset, since he tricked her into drinking an energy drink. She ends up bouncing off the walls like a Looney Tunes character. Sunset ends up spending her lunch trying to stop Pinkie from escaping the room and getting into the school, while trying to contain her.
  • Miles making his debut as Kid Arachnid and taking on an Octo-Bot.


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