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Tear Jerker / Elantris

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  • The Elantrians, once god-like beings, reduced to walking corpes.
  • All those taken by the Shaod are spirited away from their homes and families and declared dead in the eyes of the world. Naturally, that leaves some loose ends:
    Karata: I wanted [my daughter] to have [my necklace]—I always intended to give it to her. They took me so quickly…. I never said goodbye.
    Raoden: (softly) I know. I know.
  • When Sarene thinks Spirit betrayed her by stashing all the food for him and his gang, she's devastated. She breaks into tears, unable to stop, all the while telling herself she should be happy her suspicions about him were true.
    She would probably never see him again. She would never again look into those eyes that, despite the emaciated form of his body, seemed so vibrant and alive. There was a complexity in them that she would never be able to unravel. It was over.
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  • Raoden cradling Saolin, who has been broken from the pain. To make thing worse, the newly made Hoed is mumbling a Madness Mantra:
    Saolin I have failed my Lord Spirit.
  • Raoden learning about Iadon's death. He might not have gotten along with the man most of the time, but that doesn't mean he didn't have some love for him.
  • Hrathen's fate. Despite his status as a Derethi gyorn, he did everything he could to prevent Wyrn's planned massacre of the people of Arelon and Teod.
    Jaddeth, be merciful to my soul. I only did the best I could.
  • Karata and Galladon preparing to put a Hoed Raoden into the pool, and Galladon thinking about how despite everything, Raoden made it so that he couldn't stop hoping something would save them. Becomes Heartwarming when something does
    Raoden Failed my love...


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