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  • Raoden and Galladon's friendship. They almost always call each other "my friend" and "sule" respectively, instead of using the other's name. More importantly, they reserve this particular way to address people just for each other. By the end of the book and everything they've been through together, there's no doubt they are best friends.
  • Karata wants to get into the palace so desparately in order to leave her little daughter a keepsake and a note explaining where she went.
    • Speaking of her, during his first days in Elantris Raoden notes that there are no children around. It's later revealed that Karata took them all under her wing, gathering them in a safe place, and that her whole criminal gang is made up of fathers and mothers with the purpose of gathering food for the children. The other two gangs are far more brutal, one of them is made by people that are far closer to animals than they are to humans, and she and her followers challenged them just for the children's sake.
  • Aanden finally opens his eyes, metaphorically speaking, and realizes he's in the City of the Gods. Even the Reod couldn't completely destroy Elantris's beauty. He starts using his real name again, Taan (a well-known sculptor before the Shaod took him).
    Taan: (awed wisper) Merciful Domi, it's beautiful.
    • Every time we see someone turned from a desperate Elantrians to a human once again counts, really. Particularly when we see from Sarene's eyes just how happy Elantris has become thanks to Raoden's leadership.
  • The blossoming romance between Sarene and the man she only knows as "Spirit". While Raoden is shown falling quickly head over heels for her, she's far more reserved, fearing he's manipulating her. That doensn't change her feelings:
    There, in the center of the cursed city, was finally a person who seemed willing to accept her.
  • When Galladon asks Raoden what would he bring from outside if he could, he says the letters Sarene wrote to him. Because, even if he never got to meet her in person, her letters made him start to fall in love with her.
  • In a way, Hrathen's last thoughts are this, crossed with a bit of Tear Jerker:
    As the darkness closed in, Hrathen discarded all questions. Instead his view and consciousness was filled with Sarene’s worried face. The woman who had destroyed him. Because of her, he had finally rejected the lies he had believed all of his life.
    She would never know that he had come to love her.
    Goodbye, my princess, he thought. Jaddeth, be merciful to my soul. I only did the best I could.
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  • It's also a Moment of Awesome, but Galladon suddenly showing up with a small army of Elantrians in Teod to help Raoden definitely counts. Particularly because he was the one telling Raoden how foolish and reckless his attempt at teleportation was, and yet put all of his concerns aside and decides to take that risk himself just to help his friend.
  • Sarene convincing the people of Arelon that those that suffer the Shaod are still people, no matter what happened.
  • Raoden and Sarene's wedding.
  • Raoden and Sarene raise monuments to honor those that died to help restore Elantris: Roial, Eondel, Karata, Saolin... and Hrathen.

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