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  • A bit of Black Comedy. Raoden has woken up to the worst day of his life: he's been taken by the Shaod, thrown into Elantris by his father, chased by some half-crazy walking dead for what little food he's been given by the priests and stubbed his toe. Suddenly, he notices something rather important:
    I don't have a heartbeat.
  • Hrathen has a tendency to accompany his departure with a Cape Swish. The first time Sarene seen him do it, she's disappointed he didn't trip on it.
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  • Raoden and Galladon are waiting for new arrivals to Elantris in order to recruit them in Raoden's "gang". This involves hiding from Shaor's men, who would like nothing better than to leave them broken. Galladon questions the sanity of the plan:
    Galladon: (sigh) I’m not so bored with death that I want to abandon it in favor of an existence of pure pain. Kolo?
    Raoden: Galladon, someday you’re going to get over this determined pessimism of yours, and all of Elantris will collapse from the shock.
    Galladon: Pessimism? Pessimism? Me? Dulas are the most lighthearted, easygoing people in Opelon! We look at each day with—Sule? Don’t you dare leave when I’m defending myself!
  • Sarene is a little worked up because of Spirit (a.k.a. Raoden) and her growing fascination with him, so she works out her anger during fencing practice. Daora notices her behaviour and decides to talk to her about it. Unfortunately, she has the wrong guy pegged:
    Daora: I’ve seen the look in your eyes these last few days, and I’ve also seen the frustration. The two emotions go together more often than youthful hearts expect.
    Sarene: (sincerely) I assure you, Aunt, I have no interest in Lord Shuden.
    Daora: (unconvinced) Of course, dear.
    (Sarene shakes off Daora's concerns and returns to her favorite pass-time as of late: finding new and increasingly creative ways to annoy Spirit)
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  • Sarene returns from Elantris and realizes she's hungry. As soon as she enters Kiin's dining room, she starts eating. And eating. And eating....
    Lukel: (as she finishes the fourth plate) You’d better move faster, Cousin. You looked like you almost had time to taste that one.
    (Kiin presents the fifth dish; Sarene starts wolfing it down unceremoniously)
    Kiin: You don’t care [how I cooked it], do you? I could have boiled it in dishwater, and it would be the same to you.
    Sarene: I understand, Uncle. You suffer for your art.
    (a little later)
    Kiin: Is she slowing down at all? I’m running out of supplies.


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