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Tear Jerker / DonPachi

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In spite of being a series of shoot em ups, a genre not known for gripping plots, the DonPachi series does have a few moments that may make you let go of the stick and buttons for a minute or two.

  • The tomato reveal at the end of the first loop of DonPachi that the player character's training consists of fighting comrades who are giving up their lives so he can become one of the DonPachi Squadron's Super Soldiers. When the second loop starts, an intertitle reveals that this training lasts at least seven years.
  • In DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, Shotia's ending is enough to extract a few tears. After interfacing with the enemy network, Shotia is infected by a virus. Her pilot, who has grown feelings for her, pulls her out of their fighter as if to help, but it's already too late. The Pilot has to watch as the love of his life loses all her memories and dies in his arms.
    • Exy's ending is equal parts tearjerker and terrifying. After interfacing with the enemy network, she goes insane and kills her pilot before embarking on a rampage, slaughtering numerous DonPachi personnel while crying tears of blood. They ultimately have no other choice than to kill her in the end.
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  • In DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, three out of five of the bosses you face are in fact the Elemental Dolls from DaiOuJou. That's right. Next Exy, Ray'n, and Shooty are the fully roboticized Exy, Leinyan and Shotia. In the mobile ports, the achievement for defeating Ray'n is called "She once protected us..."
  • In DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou, we have Hina's Alas, Poor Villain moment. Even more so in the Xbox 360 mode (pictured above), where a crying Saya is holding Hina in her arms, and as Hina dies, she comments on how strong Saya has grown and that she always loved her. And then of course, Saya wailing Hina's name as her sister's life finally expires... we all cry for them.
  • Meta-example: Hardcore Gaming 101's closing section of its DonPachi review.

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