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  • Every battle with Hibachi.
  • The ending of Maximum. Dr. Ingram K. Daugh congratulates you for completing the Maximum Bullet Simulator and boasts about how EVAC's war machines have taken on and defeated many pilots throughout Japan, superimposed against screenshots of past DonPachi games. If you take this to mean he's referring not to soldiers but players, he's basically an Author Avatar of CAVE programmer Tsuneki Ikeda, making a Badass Boast about the sheer challenge of CAVE games.
    "So how was it? I think I've given you a glimpse of EVAC Industries' weapon developmentnote  over the years. Still, what you saw was only a fraction of what we have assembled herenote . With a limitless stock of bullets in the compartments of these weapons, our firepower is unparalleled in coverage and destructive strength! These munitions have beaten back the repeated attacks of lone wolf pilotsnote  and our achievements have earned us a top position within our industrynote . We have developed thousands of weapons here in Japannote  much like what was simulated today. If you are so inclined...we could have you face them in combat.note "
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  • After over 7 years of waiting for another port of SaiDaiOuJou besides the Xbox 360, the game finally is getting a release - on a modern arcade platform, no less!
  • Another meta-example: CAVE Shmupmania, a community-organized livestreaming event where shmup veterans from both inside and outside Japan attempt superplays of CAVE shmups. Just as the livestream was about to come to a close, and SUDDENLY! The Boss Warning Siren that occurs when the player is about to battle Hina in SaiDaiOuJounote  appears, and the screen shows Colonel Longhena's speech when the player fulfills the requirement to enter Dodonpachi's 2nd loopnote , then shows the caption when the requirements to enter Ketsui's Ura loop are fulfillednote . The livestream then revealed one more, unannounced shmup that will be played by one of the organizers of the livestream, who happens to be a superplayer of said shmup. The game in question? DoDonPachi. That's right. The progenitor AND Trope Codifier of the modern Bullet Hell genre that we know today, and the game that birthed Hibachi. The buildup towards its unexpected reveal of the livestream of the game, alongside with the shock and excitement of the audience towards and anticipating for it, is a testament to how it has codified the bullet hell shmup, and said player managing to defeat Hibachi on the livestream is the perfect finisher to the livestreaming event on CAVE games.

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