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Tear Jerker / Dark Nights: Metal

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There are several:

  • In Gotham Resistance when Dick brings up the possibility Bruce might be dead and then needs to comfort Damian, who really doesn't take it well. In Metal #3 Dick outright doesn't believe there is a point in saving Bruce anymore.
  • Also in Gotham Resistance Poison Ivy being so corrupted by Batman Who Laughs she doesn't even seem to recognize Harley, which is the point that Harley starts to realize and be terrified by how this new, twisted Gotham looks like something the Joker would create.
  • Origins of every of the Dark Knights are launched by the death of someone Batman treasures, but some push the characters into an outright Tragic Monster territory. Red Death is consumed by guilt for not being able to save Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, Murder Machine was created by Batman who wasn't able to move on after Alfred's death and the Merciless cannot even look at Earth-0 Wonder Woman out of shame because he killed his world's Diana.
    • Despite being considered the "Darkest Knight", The Batman Who Laughs' origin is perhaps the most tragic out of all the of nightmare Batmen. Physically and mentally broken down by the Joker's latest atrocity, he was punished for an understandable loss of control by being permanently twisted into an even worse monster than his archenemy through a toxin released after the Joker's death.
    • The other Knights became monsters because their families was taken from them by external circumstances. The Batman Who Laughs destroyed his family himself. After seeing so many instances of "Batman" losing it for loving so deeply that moving on from the grief wasn't an option, this Batman killing his surrogate children and his friends and turning his biological son into a monster is just as shattering as it is horrifying.
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  • Lois Lane ends up becoming infected by the Devastator's Doomsday virus and is forced to watch all her friends, loved ones and other innocent strangers turn into mindless Doomsday monsters and begin destroying Metropolis. The only reason she's not a Doomsday mutant yet is because she's been in Superman's presence for so long. When her son, Jon Kent sees what's happening, Lois forcibly drags him back into the apartment and into a safe room. But she doesn't go in with him. Jon is forced to watch his mother transform into a Doomsday before his very eyes and he doesn't know where his father is. But he still believes he will save them.
  • The Tales From The Dark Multiverse series. While in the prime universe most (if not all) stories end up either Earn Your Happy Ending or at least a Bittersweet Ending to some, these stories tell otherwise, proving that the light and hope is non-existent within the depths of the Dark Multiverse. Specific examples can be Batman being Forced to Watch his city burn and remade by Jean-Paul Valley while his moral code rots away, Lois Lane going mad from grief of losing Superman from Doomsday and becoming The Eradicator, Sinestro on a Redemption Quest for his sins of inadvertently causing the Black Lantern Corps to take over, Ted Kord becoming a Knight Templar in preventing an upcoming crisis whilst alienating friends along the way, and finally Tara Markov going against the Teen Titans and Slade for being just an 'asset' and a 'sidekick' and becoming something more powerful than them but at the price of those who were closest to her.

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