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Awesome / Dark Nights: Metal

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Awesome moments from Dark Nights: Metal and tie-ins.

  • Cyborg, who has spent most of Metal captured and vivisected by the Dark Knights for the secrets of his internal Mother Box, manages to win both his Battle in the Center of the Mind with the Box itself and break free of the Knights just in time to free the defeated members of the Justice League from being strapped to the towers the Dark Knights have constructed. After he galvanizes them to fight once more, they begin to hold their own against enemies who had previous effortlessly dispatched them before.
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  • Raven gets a Moment of Awesome in Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt when she No-Sells and then takes control of Dawnbreaker's darkness constructs and turns them against him and the Drowned.
  • Batman and the Joker team up to kick the Batman Who Laughs's ass.
    Batman: I'm going for the leg.
    Joker: I call his face.
    Batman: Joker.
    Joker: What? Too soon?
    • What's more, Batman (not the Batman Who Laughs) is smiling when he says that!
    • The build up and payoff is just as awesome. Batman fights the Batman Who Laughs only for BWL to pull out a gun (the very same gun that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne no less) and shoot Batman with it. After BWL goes on a rant on how moral codes always slow you down and get people killed, Batman tells him to just shoot already. The Batman Who Laughs is about to comply...only to get shot in the back by a "BANG!" flag gun.
    Batman: (to Batman Who Laughs) Yeah, I wasn't talking to you.
    Joker: Ha! The Batman Who Talks is more like it! Still, I do like this cave better...heee.
    • The Joker then makes a breaking speech of his own to the Batman Who Laughs after he declares he knows every move Batman and the Joker make.
      Batman Who Laughs: You can't stop me! I know you both all too well!
      Joker: Ha! Do you now? Then tell me if you've heard this one before...there's this guy, see? And he preparesss for everything...well, almost...ha! Because the trick is...he can only prepare for things Batman thinks up. And what's probably the one thing Batman never imagined? Fighting! Hehehe! So the joke is...for the first time since your "transformation", I'm guessing you don't actually know what's coming next. Do youuu?
      • And how does the Batman Who Laughs react? He starts laughing even as the Joker slices his fingers off with Bat-a-rang shaped switchblades and as Challenger's Mountain starts to collapse.
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  • Just the Batman Who Laughs... in fact, he's the only confirmed Dark Knight that survived past the event, first surfacing in Immortal Men #3... pushing The Immortal Women and The Hunt into villainy!

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