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  • In the Gotham Resistance tie-in story, Green Arrow and Damian are going through a maze where GA has been laying out arrows at junctions so he can find his way back. First, Damian points out that there is a heavy magnetic pull in a part of the maze, so all the arrows have been turned the wrong way since he left them there. Then the whole thing turns out to be moot, because Harley Quinn has been collecting the arrows as she and Killer Croc went through the maze.
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  • In issue #4, we are reintroduced to Starro the Conqueror. Mister Terrific thinks he killed him earlier, but Starro says he regrew himself from a piece of himself after he exploded. What follows is this annotation:
    Tay:note  See issue... Um, Scott, Greg [Capullo]... When did this happen?
    [just an icon of a hand making the sign of the horns]
  • In the Bats Out of Hell tie-in story, three of the teams of heroes get sucked into portals created by the Dark Knights. What's funny is the last thing Deathstroke says before he and Aquaman get sucked into theirs:
  • This exchange from the last issue:
    Robin: See, Nightwing! Father always returns!
    Nightwing: Yeah. Riding a Joker dragon... and glowing... because of course he is.
    • On the subject of riding a Joker dragon, there's Bruce letting off a very un-Batmanly "Hee-Yah!" as he soars through the air.
  • After the Batman Who Laughs shoots Batman with the very same gun that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne and after he does a speech on how moral codes slow you down, Batman tells him to just shoot him already. But before Batman Who Laughs can shoot, he gets shot in the back by the Joker's "BANG!" flag gun.
    Batman: (to Batman Who Laughs) Yeah, I wasn't talking to you.
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  • In "Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt", T.O. Morrow, Will Magnus and some other scientists are on Blackhawk Island. Morrow uses an egg boiling in water to show that the boiling point of water has been raised, indicating that the laws of physics are breaking down. Magnus, however, asks:
    Will Magnus: You still want this egg? I wasn't sure if it was a demonstration or actual breakfast.
    T.O. Morrow: Not now, William! It's hard-boiled. The damn thing's ruined.
  • At the party at Wayne Manor after the final battle with Barbatos... Alfred is the drummer in a band headed by Jon and Damian. Alfred even lets his hair down enough to tie his necktie around his head as he rocks out!
    • Swamp Thing is attending the party as well - and has actually grown a red bowtie.
  • Uncertain if it was this or Narm, but Batman reveals that he has... A BABY DARKSEID! And he's not afraid to use it!
  • The Dark Multiverse is a multiverse made up of worst case scenarios that should never have of the universes shown is Superman Blue, when Superman became an energy being.

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