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Rap Rat is a board game that uses a VHS, released in the early 90's. Created by A Couple 'A Cowboys, the team behind Atmosfear, the goal of the game is to collect pieces to a puzzle the same color as your mover by rolling the dice and moving around the board, with the video running concurrently as you play. While playing, the titular Rap Rat will occasionally interrupt and shout orders to the players.

While similar in concept but lesser-known than Atmosfear, it is now more famous for a creepypasta based on the game, as well as its video clips.

This board game provides examples of:

  • Cartoon Cheese: Most of the scenery is typical yellow cheese with holes.
  • Difficulty by Region: Of a sort. The NTSC region uses a color-coded die for moving around the board, which makes it somewhat superfluous. In the PAL version, the die is numbered, meaning the board serves more of a purpose.
  • Repetitive Audio Glitch: Rap Rat's basic way of rapping is just repeating the same words several times in quick succession.
  • Roll-and-Move: You roll a die to determine where you'll move on the circular board. If you land on a space of your colour, you get one part of a Cheese Jigsaw Puzzle. You have to collect 10 pieces in order to win.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Rap Rat's way of speaking.
  • Same Language Dub: There are two separate English versions, one for the PAL region and another for NTSC regions. Aside from having different voices for both Rap Rat and the narrator, they also feature a different script, soundtrack, and even a slightly different game structure. The PAL tape also has a segment explaining the rules of the game that is oddly missing from the NTSC version.
  • Stock Animal Diet: Rap Rat is surrounded by Swiss cheese that he chomps to during game sessions.
  • Timed Mission: The game ends once someone manages to collect all puzzle pieces, but if nobody succeeds in doing so before Rap Rat eats all the cheese, he wins.
  • Totally Radical: The whole game, what with the watered-down rap elements and some of Rap Rat's lingo.
  • Troll: Sometimes, Rap Rat will do this by appearing, causing everyone to stop, only to disappear soon afterwards.
    Rap Rat: BUSTED! Only joking! Heh heh heh!