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Banbury Intricate Craft Circle Politely Requests Women's Suffrage

The first BBC 4 sitcom and the last sitcom to be filmed in front a live audience in the old BBC TV centre. It centres on the Craft Circle of Banbury who are shocked when Margaret returns from London with the new idea of 'Votes for Women'.

Up The Women provides examples of:

  • Genius Ditz - Margaret is shown to be very clever, writing love letters to Ovid and able to give complex explanations about how electricity works, but she thinks you can get a degree in common sense.
  • Giant Poofy Sleeves - Worn by many of the characters, and they are given as a reason why women shouldn't be able to vote; they would get caught in the ballet box.
  • We ARE Struggling Together - The BICCPRWS's plans are often hindered by the actions of the more militant Banbury Free Suffragette Army. Numerous other suffragette groups are mentioned, for example the Young Suffrage Army (splinter group from the Banbury Free Suffragette Army) who took to referring to themselves as the Banbury Young Hot Bloods after their split from the Banbury New Hot Bloods, who in turn re-formed as the Banbury Free Young Hotties (not to be confused with the Banbury Bloody Hot Suffrage Squad - nor the Banbury Blood Transfusion Society, for that matter).