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Pixel Piracy is a unique open-world ship building/Real time strategy/Retro 2D sidescrolling Indie Game released by Quadro Delta and also aided by Re-Logic of Terraria fame. Meaning the games have Shout-Outs between eachother.

In Pixel Piracy, you take the role of the would-be captain of a feared pirate ship, on the journey to plunder and riches. Unfortunately, due to the Rogue Like genre's staple of Everything Trying to Kill You, everything from tribals to vicious animals to starvation to other pirates to your own crew can hinder your success or outright destroy you.


Pixel Piracy contains examples of

  • Archetypal Character: Each pirate you hire has their own individual backstory, with blurbs stating their personality and physique, allowing for combinations such as The Bruiser, Dumb Muscle, and Loveable Rogue characters.
  • Artistic License – Physics: With some careful tinkering in the ship editor menu, you can make your ship hover above the water.
  • Boarding Party: The main and most convenient method of defeating an enemy ship, your crew firing grappling hooks and shimmying over the water to fight on the enemy ship. However, this is much more risky than other methods, and early on poses a very big threat for your fledgeling, invaluable crew.
  • Character Customization: To add to the menagerie of genres this game already exhibits, each pirate you hire has his own set of skills and stats that upgrade over time.
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  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: If you fail to keep your crew's morale up, they will eventually revolt against and kill you.
  • Digital Piracy Is Okay: Quadro Delta initially released the full game as a torrent and incited people to download it.
  • If It Swims, It Flies: As mentioned above, some careful tinkering lets you build your very own floating ghost ship.
  • Pirate: Naturally. Interestingly, they come in 3 varieties - The mostly allied crew of your ship, the neutral hireable ones in taverns, and the hostile ones encountered randomly on the sea.
  • Sword and Gun: Each crew member can have a variety of ranged and melee weapons at once, ranging from daggers and rocks to cutlasses and pistols.
  • Talk Like a Pirate & Stock Phrases: Most every time you click or order the crew, they break out into ye olde pirate speake, "YO-HO-HO"s and "ARRRR"s abound.


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