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Rosa salvaje ("Wild Rose") is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa. It ran from 199 episodes from July 1987 until April 1988. Verónica Castro and Guillermo Capetillo starred as the protagonists, while Laura Zapata, Liliana Abud and Edith González starred as the antagonists. González was later replaced by Felicia Mercado midway through the telenovela.

Rosa salvaje contains examples of:

  • Beautiful All Along: Sure, Rosa is a tomboy, but she has also Verónica Castro's good looks.
  • Food Slap: In one of the telenovela's most famous moments, Rosa hits Leonela with a handful of pasta after she flirts too much with her husband Ricardo.
  • Girliness Upgrade: Rosa eventually gets one.
  • Tomboyish Baseball Cap: Well, we're not sure if it's a baseball one, but it's a cap and it definitely reinforces that Rosa is a tomboy.


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