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Role Play / Los Cazadores

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Los Cazadores is yet another Roleplaying game on Bay12.

In the same vein of earlier Bay 12 roleplay Trespassers of the Multiverse: Gaiden, Los Cazadores (fully Saviors of the Multiverse: Los Cazadores) is a game about saving a multiverse from its destruction. Again like Trespassers, this multiverse consists of many different worlds, including those of fiction, and people from those universes have been called upon to protect it. These saviors are gathered by the Facilitator Woodsworth and are the Cazadores, operating off of his ship to complete missions to prevent the spread of the Miasma, a mysterious malady of the universe which alters and destroys worlds, by dealing with thr Anomalies it creates.


Los Cazadores is self-advertised as a mix of Trespassers and Einsteinian Roulette, in that it eschews Trespassers of the Multiverse's complex, numerical system and instead goes by a more Chunky Salsa style of gameplay... and in that death is a very real possibility.

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