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  • In "Enough Said" a woman tells her children that they're not allowed to watch The Cleveland Show.
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  • As its father series, Family Guy has made countless references, shout-outs, and crossovers with The Cleveland Show.
    • The first reference actually came from before the series aired. In "Baby Not On Board", Cleveland tells Quagmire that he's gunna get his own spin-off soon.
    • In "Family Goy", Peter cuts away to that time, when Quagmire thought he was getting his own spin-off. He leaves Quahog, cursing at everyone, before seeing a moving truck, parked outside Cleveland's house.
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    • In "Spies Reminiscent of Us", Stewie and Brian redirected a missile, that was headed toward Quahog. It's new location was Stoolbend, where it blew the wall off of Cleveland's house, making him fall out of the bathtub. Tim the Bear enters, commenting on how unfunny that joke is.
    • In "Go, Stewie, Go!", Cleveland drives 500 miles from Stoolbend, just to see Meg's normal boyfriend.
    • In "The Splendid Source", part of the episode becomes a crossover, when Peter and his friends stop by Virginia and meet up with Cleveland, Donna, Junior, Rallo, and Gus. Cleveland joins them for the rest of the episode, on their search for the origin of the dirtiest joke in the world.
    • In "Baby, You Knock Me Out", Peter gets a voice-recorded birthday card from Cleveland.
    • In "It's a Trap!, Family Guy ran out of their own characters for their Star Wars parody, and had to start taking some from American Dad and The Cleveland Show. Rallo played the role of Nein Numb and Tim and Arinna played the role of The Ewoks.
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    • The Brown-Tubbs Family vacations to Quahog in "Cool Hand Peter", but don't get excited for a full crossover. Only Cleveland and Donna actually appear.
    • In "The Big Bang Theory", Stewie and Brian go to a dimension, that's completely devoid of anything. This is soon corrupted by a bright, flashy promo bumper for The Cleveland Show.
    • In the "Viewer Mail #2" segment, "Chap of the Manor", a British version of Cleveland is present.
    • In "Back to the Pilot", Stewie and Brian travel to a 5-years-into-the-future episode of Family Guy, that takes place after the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, note  meaning that Cleveland was back in Quahog.
    • In a deleted scene from "Road to the North Pole", Cleveland watches Brian's worldwide broadcast news report, telling people to wish for only one thing every Christmas. Cleveland swears he'll punch Santa in the face, if he ends up getting a gym membership.
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    • In "Yug Ylimaf", Brian and Stewie travel so far back in time, that Cleveland has come back to Quahog, prevalent by a backwards bathtub gag.
    • In "Life of Brian", Cleveland and Junior attended Brian's funeral.
    • In "Baby Got Black", Peter lists The Cleveland Show as one of the many great inventions created by white people, and used by black people.
    • In "He's Bla-ack", Cleveland returns to Quahog, following the show's cancellation.
    • In "3 Acts of God", Death comes to reap the recently cancelled, The Cleveland Show.
    • In "The Simpsons Guy", a cutaway shows Cleveland crashing in his airplane, as a metaphor for the cancellation of his show.
    • In "A House Full of Peters", Cleveland cries over the loss of his show.
    • In "Family Guy Lite", Peter tells his friends that anyone who lets him out of his dungeon will get their own spin-off, unless that person is Cleveland.
    • In "No Giggity, No Doubt", Peter tries to avoid going on a camping trip with Quagmire and his daughter, so he volunteers tons of other characters from the show to join him instead. As he runs out of ideas, he starts suggesting characters from American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. Later, all of the people he mentioned before appear outside of the house, including the characters from The Cleveland Show. The characters from The Cleveland Show included the following: Cleveland, Donna, Junior, Roberta, Rallo, Tim, Lester, Holt, Robert, LeVar, Evelyn, Gus, Terry, Arianna, Kendra, Ernie, Federline, Principal Farquhare, Choni, Arch, Auntie Momma, and General Richter.
  • American Dad! has also made a couple references.
    • Hurricane!, was the final part of a cross through of the three shows. After getting picked up and thrown around by Hurricane Seth, Stan's house lands in the middle of nowhere, along with Peter and Cleveland's house. The three get into a Mexican standoff and exchange a few jokes.
    • In Mine Struggle, one of the candidates for the owner of the salt mine under The Smith House is Rallo Tubbs.
  • Desperately trying to hop aboard the Seth Macfarlane bandwagon, Bordertown makes a reference in "American Doll". Becky breaks right through the floor of the house, because she's fat, and lands in what she describes as "the set of The Cleveland Show".
  • In the credits for the The Simpsons episode, "Homerland", The Simpsons celebrate the debut of their 25th season, along with the families from other FOX shows, including Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burgers. The Brown-Tubbs Family (and Homer) stage a protest, when they're excluded from the party, but only The Brown-Tubbs Family is allowed in.

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