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Welcome to Ultimate Cartoon Fighting.

Ultimate Cartoon Fighting is a web series on Youtube, started on January 26, 2012. As the name implies, the series centers around a wrestling match featuring several characters from Western Animation and Anime. Also, physical rules are thrown right out the window. Anything can happen here.

On May 27, 2013, a second season began, entitled Ultimate Cartoon Fighting: The Hungry Games. This dispensed the wrestling format of the first season in favor of a format more inspired by The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, this season was tragically cut short when creator Myk Friedman, also known as "Toonsmyth Productions" died on March 12, 2014, of compilations from diabetes.


However, a person by the name of Animation Streetz has announced his plans to carry on his legacy by continuing the show, with the first episode scheduled for 2016. As of March 2019, nothing has resulted from this announcement.

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